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May 6, 2007 12:05 AM

Best Toronto fine dining?

I asked a friend of mine, and they recommended Susur. Unfortunately, I've heard some qualms about the service. I'd like somewhere that has top notch food and service (price isn't an issue). What would you say are a few of the best fine dining establishments in the city, and what are the reservations you have about them, if any?

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  1. This thread below includes an exhaustive list of fine dining establishments in Toronto...

    1. For the BEST food, wine, service and ambience in Toronto. Currently, SPLENDIDO is the chief destination. They are extremely accomadating. Talk to Yannick the co-owner and he can even ask Chef Lee to design a personalise tasting menu for your party. As for reservations?! Frankly, I have none! Which is a rare thing for a Toronto restaurant!! Enjoy!

      1. Splendido + 1 for me for overall best service and food, but for food only, it is Susur !!! FYI, I have not received bad service at Susur.