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May 5, 2007 11:24 PM

WINNIPEG -- Recommendations?

I'll be heading up to Winnipeg, and I was wondering if anyone could give me recommendations for restaurants/bakeries/anything food-related (stores?) that I shouldn't miss. For restaurants, I'm especially looking for some delicious ethnic cuisine... Thai? Lebanese? Asian/Middle Eastern food would be fantastic, but any other restaurant recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks!! :)

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  1. Well for Thai I would recommend Sukothai in Osborne Village at 191 Osborne Street. It's a lovely little family restaurant with great soup. I love their Kaeng Kiew Waan (green curry) soup and the Tam Tang (cucumber salad with chillies and lime dressing). The thai banana cake is delicious too.

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      Oooh, yum. Sounds delicious. Thank you for replying :)

    2. Hi Embla,

      I had the BEST meal I've had in a very long time at a restaurant called Gluttons. It's at 842 Corydon Avenue and the phone number is 204-475-5714. It's on the pricey side of life, but it's absolutely incredible. The chef is much heralded as one of Canada's best new chefs (he's young, but talented). Anyway, the bonus is the fact that they have a great food shop attached. There are shelves of very cool foodie products from around the world -- jams, spices, rubs, sauces, condiments, etc. -- and a fresh food deli that sells pastries to foie gras.

      I know it's not in the ethnic category... but worth a mention if you're looking for a BIG night out.

      Also, Tall Grass Prairie Bakery is a local institution for very good reason. If you love carbs, then this place is for you. The folk fest cookies and the wild rice bread are my faves. They have a great deli. There's a location in Wolosely and at the Forks Market. The Web site is

      Hope that helps! EdiblePrairieJenn

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        Oh, wow! Those places sound amazing, I'll try to get to them! Thank you!!! :)

      2. I'm particularly fond of the stretch of restaurants in the West End - Sargent and Ellice avenues have a lot of great ethnic shops and restaurants -
        Salvadoran food at La Fiesta
        Piles of Vietnamese restaurants - Thang Huoung, Viva, Asia City (for the bubble tea and take-out Bahn-Mi)
        Fun shops like El Izalco (central american grocery store) and the original La Grotta Del Formaggio (Portuguese/Italian cheese and meats)
        Lebanese at Shawarma Time (although I like Baraka Pita Bakery on Main Street even better)
        Hope I'm not too late with the suggestions. Winnipeg has great ethnic shops and restaurants - you just sometimes have to get out of the suburbs to find them!

        1. Tons of great restaurants here. In the North end of the city on Main Street is a small, Lebanese sit-in deli called Baraka. There is a great Thai place called Magic Thai or Thai Magic. There's Ethiopian in Osborne Village (I think called Massawa). Lots of Sushi and some Italian on Corydon ("Little Italy' which is now more Japanese than Italian). Fancy restaurant in the Forks called Sidneys.