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May 5, 2007 08:41 PM

Buenos Aires - Casa Cruz report

Ultra posh and sexy interior, lots of red and velvet... reminded me a lot of Tao in Vegas, except maybe even more posh.
The food was very good - I think Bar Grand Danzon may still be my favorite, but the food was very good. My appetizer of steamed oysters in truffled cream with tapioca and (I think) wasabi tobiko compared favorably to the famous "oysters and pearls" at the French Laundry. I also had a very good main dish of Patagonia lamb with roasted fennel, and enjoyed tastes of friends´ truffled risotto with mushrooms, candied quince, and duck confit.
As I had just read Casa Saltshaker´s piece on wine, the word ¨Yacachuyo¨was fresh in my mind, and I jumped at the chance to get a glass of Malbec-Cab from Yacachuyo (by far the priciest wine by the glass at 40 pesos, or $13) It tastes like the kind of wine that would get high scores from Parker or Wine Spectator - massive fruit and tannins, full-bodied - actually, it tasted a lot like Joseph Phelps Insignia to me. ´To be honest, it´s not my favorite style of wine - I preferred the Patagonian pinot I had last night (a bottle of which cost less than my glass of Yacachuyo) but I´m glad I had the chance to taste it.
This was our most expensive meal by far - roughly $45 (American) per person.

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  1. I second everything here! Casa Cruz was an amazing experience and for the price US you will talk about it for weeks - I am!! I had an amazing fois gras to start and the rabbit entree was exceptional. My partners entrees were equally good and the chocolate dessert for her birthday was outstanding.