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May 5, 2007 08:31 PM

Suggestions for week long visit- E 91st St

LA Chowhounds are going to be visiting NYC for a week staying on E 91st ST. Where would you suggest? Breakfast Lunch or Dinner! Also, anywhere good we can order for delivery for dinner one night for a small group??? THANKS!!!!

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  1. I know it's hard to get a reservation, but Sfoglia is supposed to be great!

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      Just FYI - their website says they're now booked six weeks in advance - I've tried a couple of times to get a dinner reservation with no luck - in order to verify downhill alerts by various 'hounds.

      Here are a couple of threads that may be helpful:

      Enjoy your visit!

    2. Big fresh steaks, burgers, and large pasta dishes for a low price. The crispy waffle fries are one of the best I've had in restaurants.

      Ottomanelli New York Grill
      Corner of 1424 Lexington Ave, At 93rd St

      1. Peri Ela at 1361 Lexington Ave (90 &91) is a small, attractive, very friendly Turkish of NY's really good neighborhood places....The mezeler are all terrific...Their tarama is the best I've ever had...DH loves the ezme (spicy chopped vegs)...The lamb dishes stand out & on Fri & Sat night the special shredded leg of lamb is fabulous...AFAIK they don't deliver but you can call (212.410.4300) and pick up (and everything is nicely packaged, not just dumped into a take-out carton)...

        The only dish that disappointed was the shrimp casserole...overcooked...

        1. york grill is very close and very solid!

          1. Kurio is a small american restaurant on 92nd betw 2nd/1st. Haven't been there in a while but when we used to live across the street, we'd occasionally treat ourselves to a dinner there -- the food was really great, very well-prepared and a lovely atmosphere.

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              I agree - had dinner there a couple of weeks ago and it was as good as ever - quite reasonable too, for the quality of the food, and wonderful cocktails.