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May 5, 2007 07:54 PM

Bonefish Grill- First Time Reviews

Went to Bonefish Grill today in Woodbridge, NJ. It is brand new and I was really very impressed with the place. Great food, atmosphere and service. It is right next to Cheeseburger in Paradise which is new also but haven't tried yet. I think they have the same owners. Anyway, back to Bonefish. I had the corn chowder with lump crabmeat as an appetizer and it was awesome. The bread basket they give you is also good- they supply the oil with pesto and parmesan cheese also. As for the entrees I had the fontina chops which were two huge chops with fontina cheese and mushrooms in a sweet marsala sauce. Unbelievable.It came with carrots and potatoes au gratin which were also terrific. My mother had the Lily's Chicken which is 2 chicken breasts with spinach, artichoke, and goat cheese. She loved it. My dad had the sea scallops and shrimp with lemon butter and he enjoyed his as well. Everyone raved about the food so we will definitely be back. Didn't have any room for dessert even though the waitress told us they have some great stuff. Overall, I think Bonefish Grill deserves to be mentioned as one of the best chains around right now.

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  1. Try the firecracker shrimp app. Salads are weak point. Great dessert I can't remember but it involves a brownie, ice cream and raspberry sauce

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      Yeah I definitely want to try the bang bang shrimp, scallops wrapped in bacon, and fried calamari from the appss. As far as main courses go I want to try the tenderloin piccata, pistachio crusted trout (even though I never had trout), filet mignon, and sirloin steak

    2. They have the fish cooking part down but could use more imagination in sides and salads. I hate it when a restaurant uses the same side vegetables and starch in all of their dishes. There are also too many pick a fish and pick on of 3-4 sauces type restaurants. Where's the creativity in menu planning and food preperation?

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      1. re: scubadoo97

        I think Bonefish is great. The sides are done seasonally and if I remember (scuba) you have a choice of side so they don't give you the same one it's up to you. Usually the specials are a little more on the creative side.

        One of my favorites was the Tuna Bellair it was a large tuna steak with goat cheese, sun dried tomatoes, lemon butter basil sauce. The Sea Bass with the asian sauce yum, yum. There are a lot of items that are great. I enjoyed their salad maybe not that interesting but different with hearts of palm, pinenuts, kalamata, I do always add the blue cheese crumbles which makes a huge difference. The martinis and desserts are fab. Their Key Lime pie is one of the best I've had not too sweet like most.

        Definitely one of the best chains!!!

        1. re: scubadoo97

          I found their sides great. The carrots were perfect and the potatoes au gratin were equally outstanding. Those are two sides not typically found in chain restaurants. They also offer a sweet wild rice, garlic mashed potatoes, angel hair pasta, etc. They have something for everyone.

        2. I would definitely put it as one of the best chains around. I travel a lot for work, sometimes to great food cities, and sometimes to awful food cities. However, for nights when I don't feel like going to the big effort of finding somewhere to eat and just want something good and reliable, I usually go to Bonefish if there is one around. The fish has always been great, with some salsa on it and careful picking of my sides, it also helps me eat fairly healthy while I'm on the road as well. I'll probably wind up there twice next week as I'm on the road again, and I still haven't been let down when I've gone there.

          1. I am addicted to Bang Bang Shrimp, which you can get as a dinner portion, by the way! Just ask.

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              Went last night with two others; bang bang shrimp and crab cakes for apps; great.
              I had the artic char with spinach and crab on top along with the potatoes au gratin and a bottle of cab....excellent....topped off with the brownie with ice cream and raspberry sauce. Wonderful...

            2. i love their bread with the oil and pesto. the salmon that i had w/ some kind of asian sauce was pretty good but the potatoes i had on the side were pretty good. but the other side was kind of weird. didnt even know what it was till i asked the waiter. but it was very heavy on the ginger the other side item. still dont remember what that side item is now.

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                Was the other side item carrots with a brown sugar/ginger glaze? If so, it sounds like that particular locations may have put too much ginger in them. A little goes a long way!

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                  no it wasnt carrots. it was like some kind of squash i think.

                  1. re: vttp926

                    Bonefish has seasonal side items in addition to your choice of side.. As the seasons change so do the sides, there is spaghetti squash (my least favorite), creamed corn (my favorite), zucchini w/red sauce, and glazed carrots (also very tasty)