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May 5, 2007 07:46 PM

Romantic supper location

I'm trying to find a nice restaurant for my sweetie and I to go to supper at after our afternoon wedding reception. We've been to Toque, aPdC, Club Chasse et Peche, and Lemeac. We were considering Brunoise, but I have no idea what the atmosphere is like. Suggestions?

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  1. Did you not find Toque, aPdC, Club Chasse et Peche, and Lemeac not romantic enough for what you were looking for ?
    or is it that you want to try someplace new?
    just wondering since I haven't been to any of these yet to know.

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    1. re: yow yul

      IMO, toque, aPdC and Lemeac are not romantic; the atmosphere is more more diner with good friends.

      Club Chasse et peche might do it.

      1. re: yow yul

        Chic, yet relaxed and friendly is how I'd describe Brunoise.

        Anise was always my suggestion for romantic, but alas, it is gone.

        When Ariel was Les Caprices de Nicolas, I thought the garden room was romantic. I took my wife to dinner there on our honeymoon. We haven't been back since they changed the concept from fine dining to bistro so I can't say anything about the food.

        1. re: rcianci

          I would agree on the "relaxed" description for Brunoise but would call it romantic. We ended up eating there on Thanksgiving 2 years ago and loved it. The food was wonderful, as was the service.

          1. re: eetl

            I definitely agree that in terms of food, service and atmosphere, it's the best choice of what's been mentioned so far. I'm hard pressed to think of a better one.

        2. re: yow yul

          We'd like to try somewhere new ideally, and I thought I should specify some of the frequently recommended places that we'd already been. I agree with Maximilien that CCeP is probably the only one I'd describe as "romantic", much as I enjoyed all of them.

        3. Just wondering, would Bronte fit the bill?

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          1. re: Campofiorin

            Hmm, Brontë. Can a place with neon lighting be romantic? ;)

            The original question always flummoxes me, to the point where I once started a thread -- -- to ask what made a restaurant romantic. Predictably, the replies were all over the map.

            One Montreal eatery that always strikes me as romantic, even from the outside, is Le P'tit Plateau. Despite the sometimes brusque service, close tables and less than luxurious seating, it's got a glow that few restos can equal. A table in one of the niches on either side of the door on a Tuesday or Wednesday night (less busy and no bum's rush at 20:30); the excellent, sensual food; the unobtrusive sound track; the cozy, uber-Plateauish decor; the lack of stuffiness and hovering waitrons: with the right person, you're well on your way to a night to remember.

            To my mind, Brunoise is too cool and slickly professional to be romantic, though I can see how some might feel differently, especially if they had a table in front of the window.

            1. re: carswell

              For me, the basic requirements are as follows:
              1. excellent food
              2. attentive, but not intrusive service
              3. not too noisy or crowded

              The company is truly what will make for a romantic meal, so the ability to converse with some sense of it being a private conversation is the point of 3. The decor isn't a necessary factor, though it can obviously enhance or detract from the sense of privacy at each table.

              1. re: eoj

                Brunoise meets all three of your criteria. And since its cool, minimalist decor (which I like but don't find particularly romantic) is not likely to be an impediment for you, go for it (and make sure one of you orders the panna cotta with basil syrup and passion fruit pulp).

                1. re: carswell

                  ooh. We definitely will. I have been on a bit of a panna cotta kick since having an amazing one at Fifteen in London last April. It doesn't seem to be as common an offering here.

          2. There is always La Porte on St-Laurent. The food is excellent, the service impeccable and the ambiance very warm and cozy. Also got great reviews: and this review describes the ambiance to a tee:

            1. What constitutes "romantic" surely is subjective, but I would vote for Les Remparts. I haven't been there since they got their new chef, but the cozy ambience must certainly be the same as I recall.

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              1. re: Fritzy

                Their website is underconstruction, but there are at least a photo or two.

                I will try my hand at posting one or two more (I've never tried that here before)


              2. How about aux petits ognions? The space is small and cosy, and the quality is great (I've only been once, had the jarret d'agneau, one of the best I've tried in Montreal).
                We were the only couple in the restaurant and never felt rushed, the waiter and chef were both very discreet.