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Phillips BBQ- disappointed

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After all the good posts about Phillips I couldn't wait to get there and try it. We had the baby backs and the ribs.
The baby backs were too smoky. Like Liquid Smoke smoky. Yech.
The ribs were tough. The flavor was better than the baby backs though.
The cole slaw was terrible. Candy sweet.
We're from the South. Phillip's wouldn't make it there.

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  1. have you found any BBQ/ soul food places in the LA area that you do think would do well in the south?

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      Years ago I had some good food on the way home from the track but unfortunately I can't remember the name or address. That's why I got so excited over the Phillips reviews, I had my fingers crossed that it would be that perfect combo of tender, smoky, sweet ahhh now I am making myself hungry!
      It was funny back home- everyone had their 'place' and would argue over which BBQ was better. They were all good to me, somehow you leave the south and the Q is just not the same.

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        Re beef ribs, I'm not an aficionado but the best beef ribs I've ever had in L.A. were at Lucille's in Long Beach. Lots of meat, very tender...yum. That was a while ago, don't know if they're still any good.

    2. I suggest you give Phillips another try.

      I sometimes get a dry tough rack of ribs from Phillips but overall, Phillips is one of the better ribs places in LA.

      When I get a dry tough racks of ribs, I wrapped them in foil and place them in a 300 F oven for about 30 minutes. Works wonders in tenderizing and moistening the ribs. This methods works great with beef ribs too.

      1. Try Woody's on Slauson, a few blocks west of Crenshaw on the southside of the street. I like their bbq more than Phillips.

        1. Which Phillips BBQ did you go to?

          1. I just tried Baby Blues BBQ on Lincoln in Venice. I had a lunch special sample platter with pulled pork, baby back ribs, sweet potatos, and cornbread. The pulled pork and cornbread were fine, but I though the ribs and sweet potatos were great. The ribs had a nice char and the bbq sauce they make is pretty tasty. The sweet potatos were well spiced and had a great flavor.

            They have a terrible web site, but here it is anyway: http://babybluesbarbq.com/Home.html

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              I like Woody's and ask for the sauce on the side. Beside the yummy ribs, they have really good links!