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May 5, 2007 07:36 PM

Menu Prices

I was just checking through a few places that interest me, and found some that do not list their prices. I immediately reject such places on principle, but is there a legitimate reason to not inform a potential patron of the price range? Is it for fear the curious patron will feel that the place is a potential rip-off? I know the stock answer is changing menu prices, but the average diner can handle that shock. Many diners have a price limit, and like to know these little details.

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  1. I think it's pretentious.

    1. Fair prices are volatile, subject to change.

      1. I don't understand the concept behind not publishing prices. If the price changes, have a new menu printed. If your prices change often enough for the cost of printing to be a major concern, you need to rethink the way you price your selections.
        For places that have changing menu's, you publish a new menu anyway.

        1. If you are talking about online menus, please refer to other recent threads. Very few restaurants host their own websites and rely on contractors/friends to do so. That means that if the menu and/or prices change, they need to wait for the other people to update it. It is easier to offer sample menus online and for the customers to call and see what dishes are offered and what the price range is.

          Call and ask. Do not rely on the internet.

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            I wish restaurant menu sites would go ahead and print prices, BUT also include a "last updated" on the menu. It would help so much.

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              Exactly, the internet is still an evolving place especially in terms of things like restaurant menus. Its one thing to have menus printed in the restaurant (and often, they have a printer in house and can do it on a daily basis) its another to have to update a website every day or with every change. Often, even places that have prices on online menus only have sample menus up and so it isn't actually giving you the specific information about whats on the menu that night or that week. Its better, I think, to skip putting the prices online rather than have prices that are then entirely misleading for one reason or another.

              So, i don't find it all pretentious (in fact, most of the "pretentious" restaurants I can think of do have prices online -- in a quick and entirely unscientific scan, that is :) ). A quick call to the restaurant will let you know what a starter costs and what an entree costs.

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                Agreed with mojoeater - if you're talking about the Internet, then that's a valid reason why restaurants don't publish their prices there. (Would still be helpful if they cited a range, but not obligatory. No prices on actual menus... that's a problem.)

                Out of curiosity, if you're looking at, are you looking at the "online menu" or the .pdf menu? I'd expect the latter to be their last-known-good printed menu.

              2. I agree with you completely. I want to know roughly what a meal is going to cost BEFORE I walk into the restaurant. That way, I can tell whether a meal there is going to fit into my budget

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                  In the UK restaurants must post their menu at the front of the restaurant and visible from the street or similar. I think I have always seen this in other parts of Europe too. Great idea as you can see what they serve as well as the prices.