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May 5, 2007 06:17 PM

ISO Best Vacation Recipe

Ever gone on a vacation and eaten something and loved it? I had these chewy fettucine in Rome and the cook brought me to the back and showed me the pasta texture and how he hand cut them. Still can't recreate them, but am trying. Must be the flour. Learned how to make a Muffeletta in Nawleans; chopped giardiniera, herbs, olive oil, chopped garlic and chopped olives.

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  1. Not on vacation, but on a work trip to Rome: Ice creams/gellatos served in halved tropical fruit husks/skins, with the ice creams made with the fruit pulps and replicating the colors (wiith some food coloring assistance) of what you would see if you cut open the fruit. Just a bit fussy, but you can do large lots of four or five fruits at a time. Very impressive, but more importantly--fun.

    1. I read in a cookbook that you can use some cake flour in addition to american all-purpose to approximate italian "00" flour. this was for a pizza dough recipe (anya von bremzen) but perhaps would work for pasta too.