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May 5, 2007 06:07 PM

Where does one draw The Scrapple Line?

A PA coal-cracker transplanted to Upstate New York needs some help. How far north or west of Philly can one find scrapple as a readily available side dish at breakfast? Anyone care to offer recommendations on especially fine renditions of that delicacy? (I'm also kind of curious about the geographic reach of Taylor Pork Roll, again considering Philly to be "ground zero;" the key difference is that I'd actually eat the scrapple.)

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  1. my best guess would be scranton. being a new yorker transplanted to philly, i still don't quite understand the scrapple thing, but there you have it :) good luck!

    1. There's plenty of it out here in Lancaster. For those who don't know, scrapple is a mixture of ground pig scraps and offal, mixed with spices and corn meal, and formed into a loaf.You then cut thin slices and pan fry them until crisp on both sides. My wife loves it with butter and maple syrup. I've tried it, and I have no aversion to it, but I found it somewhat tasteless. I'd much rather have bacon or sausage for my breakfast pig.

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      1. re: Vladimir Estragon

        Scrapple is amazing. I've eaten it at The Ritz Carlton Hotel in Philadelphia, it was good, but no better than any diner in New Jersey or Philadelphia.

        While traveling, I find that people in Florida, etc. have no clue what the heck this stuff is!!!

        1. re: jean larosa

          That's probably everwhere but the carolinas. Most grocery stores here have scrapple

      2. My mom's Hazelton area hometown is so depressed that they took away the state liquor store. I do, however, miss the great cheap eating. When we visit from N. Maine, we return loaded w/ scrapple, pork roll, pierogies, good rye bread, kiebasi, and pitz(pizza) from Hazelton. Are there others that miss pitz? I found a recipe for scrapple on line and make it myself. Any recomm. for good eats in the Hazleton area? Funky ethnic bars?

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        1. re: Passadumkeg

          God I miss the pitz! I grew up in Hazleton and always load up when i go home. I can recommend some good, classic Hazleton eats. For Italian, I'd say Angelo's Italian House. The owners are from Anzi, Italy where a bunch of Hazleton Italians are from. His wife does all the cooking and his sister-in-law makes the desserts. There's always the Ovalon too. Now, for no nonsense Hazleton comfort food, you have to go to Jimmy's Quick Lunch for hotdogs, The Knotty Pines for pork barbeque, or Rostas' for great pizza and antipasto. Don't forget to have a carton of Farmer's Iced Tea.

          1. re: JScatton

            Thanks so much! Isn't the pits thing weird, but real?

          2. re: Passadumkeg

            Hazleton makes me want to very, very depressing. I used to live in Jim Thorpe and after two trips through the virtually dead downtown, I actually found back ways to drive, to avoid the sad feelings.

            That said, people always rave about Senape's on North Vine Street. But that's not about scrapple.

            1. re: gardens4me

              I remember Jim Thorpe as Mauch Chunk in the 50's, was that a depressing place then. What a turn around in a town!
              Can one still buy scrapple at the Allentown Farmer's Market? And what hours is it open?

          3. Funny story about scrapple. Years ago a friend was cooking it for her husband, and had to leave the stove to answer the front door. It was UPS and she had to sign for packages, fill out forms, etc. When she returned to the stove, the rubber end of her spatula had melted into the scrapple. She vigorously mixed "it" into the scrapple and served it to him moments later. I watched in disbelief as he mentioned that the scrapple tasted even better than usual. He wolfed it right down and asked for another plateful.

            True story that happened in Allentown,Pennsylvania......

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            1. re: mardy

              I belive it! Considering I ate my way through Muhlenberg at Yocco's on Liberty Street, man will eat anything. Funny too, our youngest, 17 and born in Blue Hill, Maine, loves, scrapple, Taylor Pork Roll, periogies, and real kielbasi. They are his favorites.
              Is there still any good Penn Dutch eating in the Allentown area?

              1. re: Passadumkeg

                Can't answer that one. Haven't lived in the Lehigh Valley for a long time. The above-mentioned scrapple story happened in 1974...

            2. Ground zero for Pork Roll would be Trenton. It's kind of amusing that someone who would eat scrapple wouldn't eat pork roll :-)

              You should be able to find pork roll in some form throught NJ, up into the northern suburbs of NYC and perhaps even into DE/MD. To the west, I imagine it gets harder to find the farther you get from Philly and Trenton.

              Scrapple is harder to find in Jersey as you cross north of the Mercer/Monmouth "M-line." Those people are too far gone on pork roll to care about scrapple. Scrapple is easier to come by south of the M-line, but even then it's not all that common. Going west for scrapple, I imagine there's a dead spot between Amish country and State College. There's probably enough transplants at PSU that you can find scrapple easily. Then another deadzone until you get into Ohio. There's enough Amish/Mennonites/Anabaptists in OH that scrapple or some variant is still somewhat common.

              So you may have an easier time finding pork roll...depends how far upstate you are. :-)

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              1. re: jzerocsk

                If you are looking for a western line, I'm near the Pittsburgh area and my father-in-law loves scrapple and it is readily available in our local supermarket.

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                  Agree totally. Grew up in North Jersey and Taylor's Pork Roll, sliced thick was my idea of a fabulous lunch. When I went off to college outside Philadelphia, I learned about scrapple from people who grew up in the area. The best scrapple made by people from the Lancaster area who bring it into Reading Terminal Market. My friend says that theirs has more 'snouts''s also a controversy about whether to slice and cook think or thick. I prefer scrapple thin and crispy and my Taylor Pork Roll thick.