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best breakfast in santa monica?

looking for a place for tomorrow morning (!) with good food, healthy preparation options [and by this i mean that they honor your request not to drown an egg-white omelette in butter], varied selection...in an atmosphere as non-chaotic as you can get on a sunday morning.

i'd like to avoid overly fussy/stuffy options (i.e. casa del mar, one pico, fancy restaurants) but would still prefer to go someplace that offers some sense of civility.

i've heard great things about jack n jill's, jinky's, blue plate...but never been to any of them. [my personal fave is hugo's in weho, but i need a place in s.m.]

thoughts/preferences/other suggestions?


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  1. Jack n Jills is chaotic on Sunday, with very few tables. Blue Plate is equally small, and also will be a long wait. Jinky's is so-so.

    You could try Cora's, across the street from The Viceroy. Or Axe on Abbot Kinney. Marmiton on Montana Ave. 17th Street Cafe on Montana, and Montana Cafe.

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      I second Cora's.

      You could also try Broadway Deli. If you are out and about early (pre-10:00 a.m.) it is usually not to hectic due to its size. And if you snag a counter spot, you can confirm your egg-whites won't get butter bombed.


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        I third Cora's - it's the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. I ("mushroom, tomato, and onion egg white omelette DRY" freak) definitely trust Jinky's if you'll deal with the wait. I've ordered them at Broadway Deli, and never had an issue w/ dry either. I've had problems at Jack'n'Jill's in Beverly Hills trying to get no oil, no butter, and they also can't/won't do steamed vegetables as a side... If you order them, you get butter coated, and they say they just don't have non-coated, which to me is odd, since they must get delivered at some point, and I highly doubt they come with seasoned butter, but I could be wrong.

      Side note: If you're willing to stomach it and head up to Westwood, the only thing I'll eat at Jerry's Deli is an omelette, and it's ever so satisfying, and they *always* honor those requests, even carmelizing onions in Pam spray, and happily subbing steamed cauliflower, broccoli and carrots for the potatoes and bread. Also, do you go to Eat Well in WeHo for omelettes or Ed's on Robertson below Melrose? Those are great options over there.

      1. I'd vote for Rose Cafe. They definitely will do egg white omelets.

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          What about Bread and Porridge on Willshire in Santa Monica? 17th Street Cafe on Montana is also nice.

        2. My favorite of alltime is Jack n' Jills on Santa Monica & 6th. They have the best eggs (omlette is pure bliss, dunno how they make it so good). I'm not a fan of the Omlet Parlour, I think they dont put too much effort into making their food, I can get a similar quality omlette at Denny's etc..

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              Is Jack n' Jill's in the place where Blueberry (which I sorely miss) used to be?

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                Went to Jack and Jill for breakfast with family Sunday. Wait was a little over a half hour and sat upstairs. The Western omelette (mushrooms,monterey jack,onions) was delicious with a fresh fruit salad and a terrific corn bread side/butter/honey. Sandwiches and wraps were also ordered and looked great. Daughter had the turkey,cranberry sauce,cream cheese sandwich with chili side. A nice touch for waiting customers is the complimentary iced tea they have near waiting outside area(two sidewalk benches)

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              Butter is the key, and a little cream.

              As a side note, Nate'n'Al's mixes milk into their eggs to provide the creamy fluffiness.

            3. Hmm.. Jack n Jill's multigrain pancakes were good - not heavy and chewey like Axe's. Not quite healthfood, but their side portion of cheese grits is small and yummy. Their onion rings are far away from healthy but very good. Did not like their Greek salad - it was not at all what I expected and was too huge. If you're going to have a salad, try Real Food Daily next door - those salads look good.

              1. snug harbor - great classic morning grub. if you get the patio in the back even better.

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                  I would love to hear what you order at Snug Harbor. While I loved the atmosphere on the back patio, I thought the food was really bad but I'm wondering if we could have ordered something better. For reference, we had the biscuits and gravy and the salmon scramble (which was so overwhelmingly fishy-tasting that I couldn't force myself to finish it even though I'm usually a clean-your-plate kind of girl with a big appetite"). I'd like to go back there, but can't bring myself to unless I know of some sure bets since there are just too many other good breakfast places relatively nearby. thanks!

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                    simplicity is the best bet. they do really good eggs (not scrambles) regular eggs with a side of meat is a sure fire can't lose.
                    pancakes are really good as well.

                    the key to snug is
                    stay clear of the scrambles.

                2. I like Zabies. Its on Ocean Park.

                    1. tried all these and still haven't found The Place

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                        Other than the price what didn't you like about Cora's?

                        1. re: Servorg

                          i didn't find it special as far as the food, but i did enjoy the place.

                          what i'm looking for is something like prune in nyc, a place that really stretches and perfects the idea of breakfast on many levels. even an egg there is surprising.

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                            Man, I miss Prune's bloody mary...

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                          Have you done 3 Square yet? I just looked at Prune's menu and it's nothing so exciting as that, but I really like their austrian take on brunch and everything I've had there has been well-executed.

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                              i will have to try 3 square, although rockenwagner is not my favorite.

                              prune's menu may look only ok but they
                              know how to make a hard boiled egg taste perfect. it isn't typical restaurant food

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                                I wasn't being sarcastic; it looks like a fantastic menu and I wish more places here were doing brunch like that.

                                1. re: mollyomormon

                                  oh sorry, misread it.

                                  someday maybe there'll be something but until then all this mediocrity, in this respect, at least

                          1. i love Cora's, though it is small, the food is outstanding and delicious.

                            1. I've had two experiences at Jinky's: bad and terrible. The terrible time was with one of their healthy breakfast dishes (I can't remember which one, but it had some of the driest egg whites I've ever experienced).

                              Bread and Porridge isn't terrible. It just isn't terribly imaginative.