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Tea house/tea room in New Haven/Hartford area?

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I'm in charge of planning a bridal shower for my very best friend, and am interested in recommendations for a place where we could do a tea party. She's in Wallingford, so metro New Haven or Hartford areas are ideal. Thanks!

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  1. How about Oolong's Tea Bar in New Haven? Thats my recommendation. Its in the little alley right past the Church/Chapel intersection...near Roomba

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      Actually, Oolong's has closed. It shut down in December 2006.

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        Oh wow - thanks for the info. Sorry to hear.

    2. Try Mainly Tea in Wethersfield, you can book the place from 3:30-6:00 on Saturdays for a Special Event High Tea:


          1. The Tea Cozy in Windsor
            Celtica New Haven

            1. Don't be turned off by the name: Tinkling Teacups (it's a British tea room) in East Haddam...which isn't that far from Wallingford. Their full tea is a hoot - LOTS of goodies (although everything's a bit small and dainty). The scones and tea sandwiches were great. The desserts were plentiful. They have a website - I don't know the phone number.

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                I was wrong about the location of Tinkling Teacups. It's 77 Main Street, East Hampton, CT.It's open from T-Sat, 11-4.