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May 5, 2007 05:34 PM

Cotati- Fave Restaraunt in or around

I'm asking for a friend of mine who lives in Cotati and is always interested in finding new places to eat. What's your favorite place and why?

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  1. Here's the search engine result for Cotati to start with,

    1. For lunches I like:

      Bear Korean, good lunch specials during weekdays, and give you many panchans included.

      8577 Gravenstein Highway
      Cotati, CA 94931
      (707) 794-9828

      Karma Indian Bistro

      They have a good lunch buffet.

      7530 Commerce Boulevard
      Cotati, CA 94931

      Mai Vietnamese Cuisine

      Is new, and does very good Pho and Bun.

      8492 Gravenstein Hwy
      Apple Valley Plaza
      Cotati, CA 94931

      Here's a relatively new Latin place that I've had good lunches at.

      Roselyn Pupuseria & Taqueria 217 Southwest Blvd, RP 794-9047

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        Hi, thanks RCK and everyone for your responses, I've passed them along to my friend and she's very grateful for the tips!

      2. We love Porter Street BBQ in the Oliver's Center. Great tri-tip sandwiches and yummy cobbler! Also in that center is Thai Kitchen. Great lunch specials and we love their curries. Really affordable for Thai food, too!

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        1. re: lj2899

          Tell me if my experience of the tri-tip sandwiches at Porter Street BBQ was typical or not there. The beef in the sandwich was very hot and very well done. It had the distinct unpleasant (to me) aroma and flavor of microwaved-to-death-to-heat beef. On the other hand, I really liked the bbq pork sandwich (on another day) which didn't have those characteristics.

          1. re: Mick Ruthven

            I wonder if you had a bad sandwich...I do admit that now I think back, all of my tri tip sandwiches have either been well done or barely had any pink in them, but I have always found the meat tender and very flavorful. Moist enough to eat sans the bbq sauce, but I love it so much that I use quite a bit. I haven't tried the pork, but may do that next time...unless their special hamburger tempts me (it's a cheeseburger with tri-tip on top and my guy friends that have taken the jump to try it all loved it and devoured theirs quickly).

        2. I agree with the below posts, but would add Marvin's for breakfast (especially yummy hash browns)

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          1. re: canard

            Haven't been to Marvin's for a couple years, but I do dream about the great hash browns still. Here's the post,

            1. re: Melanie Wong

              I went to Marvin's about a year ago for chicken fried steak and loved it; thought it was the best I've ever had. I went again a few months ago and didn't care for the CFS nearly as much. I thought the meat was thinner and the crust thicker and harder. I wonder if it was just my taster and memory that day or if it really had slipped. Has anyone tried their CFS recently?

              1. re: Mick Ruthven

                I believe you had the CF New York steak, which was on the specials board the time I tried it. Was it the same cut the second time or more like the standard round steak pounded thin?

                1. re: Melanie Wong

                  You mean maybe I had the special CF New York steak the first time and the regular one the second time? That would explain it. Yes, the second time was more like the standard round steak pounded thin. Although almost a year elapsed between those times, I'm pretty sure there was a huge difference in what I was served. I wouldn't order the latter one again. Hey, maybe I just don't like real CFS! If I have the urge for CFS again, I'll call there first.

                  1. re: Mick Ruthven

                    Yeah, something like that.

                    And, maybe I need to get a life instead of remembering what you ate a year ago!

          2. I like Bear Korean too, and agree that the lunch specials are fun. Service can be slow, and the language barrier sometimes leads to surprises, but the food sure is good. I like Karma Indian Bistro for the lunch buffet (because I can never eat enough pakora) but the food at dinner is really much better and more interesting. I also really like Shangra-La (1706 East Cotati, across from SSU) for Himalayan food. I've probably tried almost everything on the menu, and keep coming back for the masala vegies and the palak chicken. They also have lunch specials, which are a good deal, but I usually want to order off the regular menu. My current favorite Mexican place is Tonayan (500 Raley's Towne Center in Rohnert Park) but I like the chicken mole enchilada so much that I have never ordered anything else! However, my dining companions have always been pleased with whatever they have ordered. For simple, mostly organic food, try the cafe at Northlight Books and Cafe (on East Cotati in the Olivers Center). Everything I've tried there has been good, especially the soups and salads. It's a fun place to browse, too. And IMHO Taqueria Sol Azteca, on the corner of East Cotati and Camino Collegio in Rohnert Park, has the best red sauce in town. The chili rejellenos and refried beans are very good, too.