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Where to buy blue-cheese stuffed olives?

I'm in the mood for a decadent martini. Does anyone know where I might find blue-cheese stuffed olives on the west side? Didn't have any luck in the regular old grocery store.

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  1. I'm sure I got some at Trader Joe's. Not sure I liked em that much but then I wasn't putting em in drinks.

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      The ones in the jar certainly aren't worth getting. I wasn't that big on the ones they had in the fridge case either.

    2. I think I saw some when I was at Bay Cities recently. Haven't tried them before, though.

      1. I bought some gorgonzola-stuffed olives at the Gelsons in Encino (in their mix-and-match olive section). I assume that some of the other Gelsons have them also. I'm not a big fan, but my parents are.

        1. Have you tried Whole Foods? They have a large olive bar. I'm sure they have them.

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            Ditto to the Whole Foods suggestion, I've seen those particular olives at their olive bar. And if you're close enough, check out the ginormous new Whole Foods on Sepulveda and Rosecrans.

          2. The olive booth at our local Long Beach (Alamitos Bay) farmer's market has them every Sunday.

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                I don't remember. I'll check it out next Sunday and let you know. Whoever it is, he offers a great selection of olives and pickled goodies.

            1. The best I've found are at Gelson's in the Palisades.

              1. I think I've seen these at both Bevmo and Surfas.

                1. Trader Joes definately has them.

                  1. I just saw some packaged in the cheese section at the Gelson's in Northridge, so I'm guessing the other Gelson's would carry them as well.

                    1. The Bev mo in Northridge sellls them....

                      1. My take on Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives: I love them as much as you, the rock. Yet I have never found any premade Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives that are any good, and I have tried a lot, including all the suggestions above. For some reason, when they are premade and bottled/jarred, the start to taste gross. My advice: buy a fine blue cheese at TJ's or Whole Foods, some pitted olives and roll a few yourself. It takes just a minute or two and your martini will be all the better for it.

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                          This makes sense. If you want to be artisanal, you could get a pitter at Surfas or Williams Sonoma and DIY.

                        2. Surfa's has the Divina brand. However, I agree with the poster that suggesting stuffing the olives yourself. Even a high quality stuffed olive starts tasting funky after a while in the jar.

                          1. I have never, ever ever tasted a good one that was pre-stuffed for packaging. I always make my own, it takes 5 minutes to stuff enough for a small party... try to find a semi-soft bleu and stuff away. You can really taste the difference, because the cheese is not soaked in the olive juice.

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                              A little trick I'll pass on when you're stuffing blue cheese olives. Add about 1 part softened cream cheese to 4 parts blue cheese. This helps to keep the blue cheese from making that martini cloudy.

                            2. You can buy them jarred at Whole Foods but this is one delicacy you're better off doing yourself. Blue cheese doesn't taste right after sitting in the olive brine...

                              PS: Keep in mind that the result will be a very cloudy martini...

                              1. The ones at Trader Joe's are in the salad section and are not in brine but are just packed next to one another standing upright in one of the plasit salad carons. I haven't tasted them so I have no idea whether they're good or not, but if you're concerned about the blue cheese tasting of brine, these might be the solution to your problem.