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Alamo Drafthouse

I have eaten many things at the Alamo...my favorites are sometimes inconsistent (falafel, Big Night pizza)....so, anybody want to tell me their favorites? And desserts,too,please...

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  1. Generally, my least favorite is the bill at the end of it! I limit myself to a couple of beers and a sandwich these days, having had a couple of eye-opening checks.

    I believe there was a comprehensive thread on Alamo food offerings a couple of months back.

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      I think the chili is some of the best in town. It's made out of ribeye meat and is very well balanced, although not very spicy (hot).

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        yes....but i just joined...so be patient.

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          To me, TAF just seems to be making a neutral referral to this thread:


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      2. http://www.chowhound.com/topics/375110

        I enjoy the prosciutto and asparagus pizza (Big Night, I think it is called, and I don't know exactly why) and a couple of glasses of Ravenswood cab with the movie for a compact night out!

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        1. My fave pizza has always been the poultrygeist. Tomatoes, basil and lots o' cheese. Knock it back with a few cold Heinkens.

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            Hate to break it to you, but the Poultrygeist has been removed from the menu

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              The Poultrygeist Pizza is back on the menu at the all Locations.

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                and she weeps tears of joy....

                Thank you, Justin!

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                  Had it last night, and it's just as delicious as I remembered. I'm SO glad they brought it back! It went very nicely with a glass of pinot grig' (can't remember the name, but it was the cheap one because I am po'). My friend ordered the hot cookies and I didn't love them, though. They tasted like they were made from cookie dough from an industrial vat. Chemical-y.

            2. Lately I've been partial to their BLT. LOTS of thick cut peppered bacon on good toast and generous portions of tomatoes and lettuce. I usually precede this by sharing a basket of fried pickles.

              One of my friends loves their Chinese Chicken Salad.

              Pizza has always been hit or miss for me. And, nothing that ever bowls me over. I order different ones from time to time but not because I'm looking for perfect chow.

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                Ditto on the BLT. I get it with the fried egg on top and ask for the egg to be just a little bit runny in the yolk. Delish.

                I usually get the fresh baked chocolate chip cookies and vanilla ice cream to top it off.

              2. I'm probably going to get flamed for saying so, but I kind of like the puerco guisado, not as the traditional preparation, but more as a pork stew rather than stewed pork. The tortillas that come with it, however, are positively awful.

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                    Me, too! I was shocked at how yummy it was. But yeah, just toss the tortillas.

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                      Due to the feedback here, I had the puerco guisado last night. I was pleasantly surprised that it came in a little iron pot and topped with plenty of avocado and cheese. Not bad at all and a nice change from the typical pizza/sandwich offerings. But would it kill them to get some better tortillas?

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                        I had the PG again on Monday, and I think they've even tweaked the recipe a bit; it was spicier, thicker and better than I remembered. Alas, the tortillas are still as bad as ever-of the dry and crispy and virtually tasteless flour variety, either from want of freshness or inattentive oven-warming.

                  2. I don't think anyone has mentioned desserts yet (at least not in THIS thread, perhaps they did in the older one...) so I want to mention that I am partial to "The $5 Milkshake." I usually order chocolate and ask to have it prepared extra thickly (Aside: Okay "extra thick" but i cant bear to use an adjective as an adverb even if it doesn't flow; grammar neurotic here!) Anyway, The extra thick keeps it from getting too melty when its sitting on the tray, and it is topped with whipped cream (be prepared: whipped cream from a can, skip it if you're a whip snob) and DELICIOUS and colorful candy coated sunflower seeds. I order extra of those as well. Someone once told me that they were surprised my alamo's creme brulee. I tried it once and it was TERRIBLE. Not that I was surprised. It did have a nice thick, hard, top, but the custard was atrocious, rubbery, bland, artificial vanilla, no bean specks to be found. They also serve some sort of "molten choc. cake and ice cream" combo there. To that, I say "meh." Not bad, but it was nothing special.

                    1. Ah, lest we forget the ultimate dessert - Guiness Milk Shake!!! OMG, are those heaven. Funny, though. Seems only certain theaters have it.

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                        WHAT?! I have never seen such a thing. What is this concoction you speak of?

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                          eeeww! I just threw up in my mouth!

                          Are they really any good?

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                            No, I’m serious! They are uber-yummy. I was skeptical at first, too, but a waiter talked me into it by saying if I didn’t love it, it was free. They’re super rich and the Bluebell Vanilla really compliments the dark nuttiness of the beer. I know, huh?

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                              Have you ever had the Guinness ice cream that Amy's makes? i am actually not a huge fan of Amy's, as I think the consistency/texture is a bit chewy...But I had their Guinness once and was blown away by how well it worked. It is almost chocolatey. Matter of fact, I do believe alamo uses amy's ice cream for everything dont they? I bet that's what alamo uses, or at least that's where they got the idea.

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                                The Guinness ice cream float is to die for. Excellent ! , but don't expect to get a buzz off of it. Other 'n that I have to say that the 'black bean burger' is a welcome addition. Much better than the veggie burger. I hope that Alamo decides to revamp their menu when they move to the Ritz ... keep the old time favs ... and zip up the menu with a few more new items.

                                1. re: mrmodularus

                                  I had the organic burger last Thursday and it was pretty darn tasty!

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                                    I first heard of stout shakes years ago when I dated a craft brewer who worked at a brew pub. After brewing some stout--brewed with dark roasted barley--he would give some of the fresh liquid to the kitchen staff, who would make these fabulous shakes with it. I thought it sounded weird, too, but man were they good. So I'm looking forward to trying the stout shake the next time I'm at the Alamo.

                              2. re: amysuehere

                                At which theaters have you found this shake? It sounds awesome.

                              3. I'm a regular at the Lamar Drafthouse, and am a big fan of the Raging Bull pizza (assorted spicy meats) and the Artichoke at Hearts pizza (tons of artichoke chunks, goat cheese and sundried tomatoes). The pizzas are consistently good. Recently a couple next to us ordered the chocolate chip cookies, and they must have arrived warm, the fresh-from-the-oven aroma was amazing, like mom's homemade cookies. But I haven't actually tasted them yet. They used to have a delicious turtle cheesecake, but it's no longer on the menu. The molten chocolate cake with Amy's ice cream is quite good, but nothing unique, except for the yummy mexican vanilla ice cream flavor.

                                The most disappointing item on the menu for me has been the potato skins, which are pretty bad, and I made the mistake of ordering them on multiple occasions because I'm a big potato skin fan.

                                1. I hear from a very good source that Alamo is bringing back the Chicken Pesto Pizza (at least the Villiage location)! I'm so excited!

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                                    It may be a sensitive topic, but the fried pickles are an automatic. At $1 a pickle they aren't cheap, but sometimes a fried pickle, ranch dressing, and a Fat Tire really make the movie.

                                    1. re: karotte

                                      It's important to note that the AD fried pickles are fried spears, not slices as I grew up eating in Mississippi. If you like your pickle to fry ratio high than go for it, but I prefer a more well rounded fry with a crunchier pickle.

                                      1. re: Carter B.

                                        Not sure if you were implying that you are looking for this type of pickle, but chez zee serves fried dill pickle chips, as opposed to the spears that are so common in Austin. That is the only restaurant I know of that serves the rounds (they are served w/some type of remoulade for dipping)....If you know of a restaurant that makes an extremely delicious version of this type of FP, please let us know, since I am partial to the rounds as well!

                                        1. re: femmenikita

                                          I'm not exactly hunting for such pickles but that is good to know. Thanks for the tip. Gene's seems like the place for a good fried pickle but I've never seen them there. I'll have to ask next time I'm there.

                                          1. re: femmenikita

                                            guess what? katz on 5th (or 6th whatever--i always get confused) has the rounds and they are GOOD! i like less pickle to batter ratio too; otherwise, i generally dislike katz's food...

                                            1. re: femmenikita

                                              If you like fried pickle chips, order them at Dave & Busters. They aren't on the menu, but I've never had a problem ordering them. They are breaded in the same crispy batter as the fried mushrooms and are to die for!

                                      2. Poultrygeist RETURNS! South Alamo...specials page ("back by popular demand...")....but I had the fried pickles and a wheat beer....

                                        1. Midnight espresso milk shake with the candied sunflower seeds is divine... a meal in itself. The hummus should be avoided at all costs... I nearly gagged trying to eat it. The pita was dry, stale and mildly warm. The hummus was oily, flavorless and liquidy. Horrible all around. The fried chicken basket and salads are okay, though.

                                          1. I'm definitely not a fan of Alamo's fried pickles... the batter was mushy.. I assume they weren't dried thoroughly before dipped in the batter and fried. Katz's has the best fried pickle spears in my opinion, and Plucker's has very decent fried dill pickle chips.

                                            1. Has anyone else noticed that the Alamo has replaced their delicious wedge fries with less-than-tasty thin style fries?

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                                                not at Lakecreek....as of about a week or two ago. hmmmm....

                                                1. re: ashes

                                                  They haven't been replaced at Lake Creek? Strange. Maybe there's hope for a return of wedge fries at South Lamar. (For the record, they were also switched out at Downtown before the location closed.) Would it be extremely petty to send an email to the folks at the Drafthouse to find out what the deal is here?

                                                  1. re: jareha

                                                    No it wouldn't. I loved those wedge fries! Maybe if they get enough comments about them they'll bring them back. I'm hoping it was a one time thing due to availability or something.

                                                    1. re: Lixer

                                                      Yeah, I went to Lake Creek last nite...had cup of chili and wedge fries. Yum. Asked my server if they were to be discontinued anytime soon and he confusingly said no.

                                                      1. re: curlykerry

                                                        It's my understanding that the Lake Creek Alamo is a franchise and is a little different than the other locations in town. At least that's what my wife was told when she complained about the matinee special being discontinued.

                                                        1. re: ssouth

                                                          Your understanding is correct. As of 2004, Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas, Ltd. owns the brand and franchise rights. The Ritz (now that Downtown has closed), South Lamar and Village are owned and licensed from said company by theater founders Tim and Karrie League.

                                                          1. re: jareha

                                                            That would explain why Lake Creek still has my yummy Buffalo 66 sandwiches!

                                                            1. re: pmanknows

                                                              So do you guys think the food at Lakecreek is significantly better overall than the other three locations? I loathe driving too far outside my central austin cocoon (well, just because I hate driving in general... bad at it!) But as a film geek I see about 1 or 2 films every week, usually at one of the other three Alamos. I have also noticed the change in fries, as well as the fact that the elusive Guinness shake is still not on the menu at the location which I frequent most: South Lamar. If the food is that much better at LC then perhaps I should venture that way. What other menu items (if any) are good and found only at LC?

                                                              Oh and PS to those who replied and gave the tip about Katz's having the best chip-style fried pickles : thank you. Hadn't looked at this thread in a while, but I am def. going to give them a try based on your recs.

                                              2. the steak sandwich is AWESOME. we've tried other things, but keep going back to it. went to the village location 2 weeks ago and it's served with wedge fries.

                                                re: lake creek vs. other locations. i've been to lake creek, village and lamar, and i did not find that lake creek's food was better. in fact, i prefer the menu at the other locations (see aforementioned steak sandwich, which is not available at lake creek).

                                                do not like their queso and their caesar salar is not that great either.