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May 5, 2007 02:29 PM

Best Indian food in Queens (not counting Spicy M)

Looking for some good Indian/South Asian food tonight- we love Spicy Mina's and have been there several times, so we're hoping to try something new (but of that level of excellence). We have been a bit underwhelmed by the Jackson Heights offerings (e.g., Delhi Palace), although I do enjoy Rajbhog and Dimple when we're in the mood for chaat. Have I just not found the right place in JH? Any suggestions?

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  1. I'm looking forward to reading the replies. About 2 years ago I posted an essay asking why there aren't any good Indian restaurants -- or, if they are, they close down. Maybe I'm not traveling far enough... I've heard great things about Richmond Hill, Hillside Av, Jamaica Av, etc., as well as the Kerala place near the county line.

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      I have to disagree about Ashoka on 37th Ave. They had an amazing buffet years ago, but lately the food has been just so so. I haven't been since last summer, after some unhappy food experiences.

      Personally, living in Jackson Heights, I (omnivore) usually like the food at Delhi Palace, although I have Indian friends (vegetarian) who say the food there isn't particularly good.
      I can't bring myself to go back to Jackson Diner - I agree that that the quality has taken turn for the worse since the upgrade a few years back.

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        try to Worlds Fair Marina in flushing. they also do catering

    2. one block down from 74th and roosevelt where the pizzaria is on the corner, make a right the restaurant is NEW ASHOKA, it is buffet style, choice of at least 12 to 15 different items for like 8.99 dinner. excellent treat.

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        Will have to try it next time. We ended up at Spicy Mina, which was outstanding as usual.

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          I took some friends to Ashoka recently, after reading something good about it here, because I thought that at 3 p.m. the Jackson Diner buffet wouldn't have much left. Luckily my friends were not from an area with much exciting food because the Ashoka stuff was definitely boring. The restaurant is drab and I doubt I will return. My Indian friend had said she didn't like it, but sometimes I find her opinions too harsh. I do agree on this one. My recent experiences at Jackson Diner have been far superior.

        2. The Jackson Diner is definitely the way to go in JH. The other nearby restaurants pale in comparison. I specifically recommend the buffet lunch, which is always spiced to Indian rather than American palates.

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          1. re: danikm

            I havent been there in about 10 years, since the day I gained 4 pounds in one hour at that buffet. Back then some dishes were much better than others so I would begin with a plate with a tablespoon of each selection, then I'd go back and load up on the best ones. I've heard the quality has declined but that's just hearsay.

            1. re: danikm

              The ungodly glop at the Jackson Diner has deteriorated to extreme levels in recent years. Its once stellar reputation (circa 1990) is all it has now.

            2. Quality at Jackson Diner has declined precipitously over the last few years. Now I would say it's no better than any number of other Indian buffet places in NYC. New Ashoka is OK for the price, which is cheap, but that's about all. In fact, as the original poster has noted, there are no really good Indian restaurants in the Jackson Heights area, despite the high concentration of them there. I made a post discussing this lack and inquiring as to the reasons for it a month or so ago, but the CH gods deleted it for some unknown reason.

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              1. re: Woodside Al

                I think the food at Jackson Diner took a dip right after they made all those interior renovations. I remember the "dumpy" Jackson Diner when the food was much more memorable. Too bad for any newcomers.

                1. re: Woodside Al

                  Inspired by this, I have made just such a post on the General board.

                2. Whatever you do, steer clear of the buffet place on Roosevelt near the subway/bus terminal. The place looks inviting from the sidewalk, but the food is barely edible.

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                  1. re: racer x

                    So, then, where DO people go for good Indian food? Like I said, Spicy Mina's has so far been my favorite, but I'm always looking for new places...

                    1. re: bennyt

                      I have problems with the JD as well but I have had many happy times and excellent food at Delhi Palace. I love the tandoori esp. the Mixed Grill and I love the karahi bindi (okra) BYO wine no charge to open. Enjoy.

                      1. re: chasamark

                        Good to know- Spicy Mina is also BYOB, by the way, and you'll need some IPA or something to cut the spiciness!