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May 5, 2007 02:27 PM

Date-suitable Chinese in San Gabriel/Rosemead?

Can anyone recommend a place for dinner in San Gabriel/Rosemead that is relatively classy, quiet and relaxed? I've been to a couple places that had great food but were brightly-lit, loud and chaotic.

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  1. How about Triumphal Palace on Main or Elite Restaurant on Atlantic? Both are good, nicely decorated, not so loud. I was just at Elite Restaurant a few weeks ago and really liked the Scallops with Mango (it's mixed with egg whites, but the menu doesn't say that).

    1. Mission 261 or Lu Din Gee

      If you don't care about having authentic chinese food, you can also consider Plum Tree Inn in South Pasadena.

      1. These things are highly sensitive to peoples' individual judgments about classy, romantic, etc., but I took a date for dinner to Din Tai Fung and had a very nice time. The pace was much slower than during the day and the food was excellent.

        1. How about Chang's Garden in Arcadia? It's nice inside, fairly quiet, good service, lots of couples and families, and on the small side. Great spicy beef in Chinese pancake, Szechuan rice cake, and other dishes.

          1. Sea Harbour if you are willing to fork up the dough...