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May 5, 2007 02:22 PM

Cheap Foodsaver Bags - revisited

I've had good experiences buying from these two vendors and thought I'd pass it on.

I recently bought off-brand rolls for the Foodsaver and they work great. They are commercial versions that are used by professionals. I've frozen stuff in them and microwaved - and they seem to work every bit as good as the Foodsaver brand material. The only drawback is that they are sold in 50 foot rools, so they don't fit the Foodsaver cutter directly, but they can be easily re-rolled into smaller rolls. These sell for $29.75 for one each 8" and 11" roll, each 50' long. Plus $8.10 for shipping, that works out to 38 cents per foot. About as low as you can get (or so I thought).

The seller's name on eBay is: elrodharris.
He has a shop called All Vac Sealer and Butcher Supply.

But as I was looking around on eBay, I found that the guy I had used previously for the regular Foodsaver brand rolls had dropped his prices. He sells any six rolls for $29.99 same as before, but he's dropped his shipping to $9.99, which brings the cost to about 34 cents per foot. That's definitely as low as I've seen.

This seller's name is: foodsaver king.
His store is called FOODSAVER STORE.

Compare to prices through Amazon (cheapest deal is about 50 cents/ft) or direct from Foodsaver - 12 rolls of either with free shipping (but with sales tax) = 48 cents/ft for MA. I don't know the prices at Costco, but I do know that they sell the 6-roll pack (4@11" + 2@8"). Next time I'm there, I'll check out the prices.

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  1. Thanks for the tip, applehome!

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    1. re: foodstorm

      Costco sells that 6-roll pack for $39.99+tax. Your ebay source is still a little cheaper.

    2. Yes, thank you! I just got a foodsaver as a gift but I've been too nervous to use the bags up -- when I was growing up my mother had one and she was always rather unpleasant about using them because of the cost.

      I absolutely love using them, so it's nice to know the prices and where to replace my supply inexpensively!

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      1. re: dietfoodie

        I use wide mouth canning jars that are easy to clean, cheap, easy to store, and reusable. I've cut my bag usage down considerably, since I started using them. I also found very inexpensive bags on the Foodsaver website I bought a dozen rolls of bags for about $30 plus postage. It was on the closeout item pages.

        1. re: kayakado

          Great tip. I just purchased 24 Ball wide mouth jarrs at Ace Hardware on University. Walmart had them for $1.40 per dozen but three stores were out of stock. Not worth the gas to keep going to Walmart. I just purchased the wide mouth jar "sucker." I primarily put dry goods, ie beans, rice, flower, sugar, etc. in them and air seal. Can you please expand on how you use them with to "replace" bag usage. I am very interested. I received a FS for Xmas from my wife. I love it, and have been buying replacement rolls through Amazon. Bouht the orignal replacement at Costco ($39.99) but switched to Amazon. I am a Prime member so shipping is always included - of course there is no shipping at Costco, but there is tax. Look forward to your reply. Thanks

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. Applehome...if your out there, thanks for the foodsaver bag tip, just bought some from All vac sealer and butcher supply..great product, would definatly buy from them again!