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May 5, 2007 01:39 PM

Day of the Dead bread question

On November 1 and 2 is a Mexican celebration--the Day of the Dead. I found a recipe for Pan de Muertos-- is this (sweet, flavored with aniseed) bread meant for breakfast, or dessert? It sounds tasty but when/how is it served?

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  1. Enjoy it like any sweet bread. Usually it is eaten for breakfast or a snack with hot chocolate.

    It is meant for both the living and dead, placed on altars to feed visiting spirits on the day of the dead ... this link says it best ...

    "After you prepare this pan de muerto, and you bake it, you bring it to the cemetery and going to put it in the altar ... Once the celebrations are over, family members get to dig in ... Once you ate the food and drank, then you cut the bread and it's very symbolic; it's almost as if everybody's having a piece of this person's past,"

    The link also mentions two different types ... a crusty cinamon bread with rum-soaked raisins from Michoacan ... one with lemon zest, organge zest and orange flower water from Puebla.

    This is a good article about a family celebrating the Day of the Dead in Mexico

    This is a gratuitous link with lots of info and links about the day of the dead

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      Thank you so much, rworange, such a full response! I wondered if it was just for decoration, and didn't get eaten at all, (by the living..)
      The sweet angelitos!