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May 5, 2007 01:19 PM

Novita~22nd between Park & Lex.

Has anyone eaten at Novita? If so, what were your thoughts? Thank you in advance.

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  1. Didn't it close a long time ago? Ate there once, it was pretty good-- but that was about 6 years ago...

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      No, it's still open. I live on the block and pass it all the time. Always been curious to try it.

    2. Novita is great; the restaurant relocated. My friends who live around the corner go there regularly, and I've enjoyed the pasta, which is delicious.

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        Novita is in the same location on 22nd St. where it's always been. We ate there once several years ago, and I found the food to be disappointing.

        I'm guessing you are confusing it with Via Emilia, which last year relocated to 20th St., just west of Park Av. S. (It used to be on PAS, near 19th St.) The pastas are excellent, and the new space is larger with brighter decor. They still don't take reservations, and it's still cash only.

        1. re: RGR

          I would suggest via emilia over novita. better food, atmosphere and prices. but it is cash only. and no reservations but not difficult to get into except may have to wait a little on a saturday night.

          1. re: kalyse

            Thank you all. Via Emilia has been on my "must try" list for a long time and after reading your posts, I'm really looking forward to going.

            1. re: Chookie

              at via emilia make sure to get one of the homemade pastas. it's simple but my favorite dish is the tagliatelle al ragu.

      2. Ate at Novita for the 1st time a couple of weeks ago on a whim. Thought it was great-reasonably priced, varied menu-I'm a big meat & potatoes guy & wife is fish & veggies-and we both were pleased. Very good service as well-will go back.

        1. Great meal here. Definitely go. Not your standard pasta and red sauce Italian. Many fish ans meat dishes all prepared with great flavors. The service was excellent an we will definitely be back. Get a bottle of the Nickle & Nickle Dragonfly and you are in for a great experience. The mushrooms stuffed with crabmeat were excellent.

          1. October 31, 2008
            Novità and the Bums’ Rush
            Earlier this week my wife and I, along with two friends were rushed through a meal at Novità in under 90 minutes. The waiters and the rest of the staff seemed intent on getting us out of the restaurant in record time. Before we were all finished with our appetizers the bussers were trying to remove our plates. The main courses arrived seconds later and were clearly all sitting under heat lamps for many minutes--hence the rush to get us through our appetizers. We were asked again and again if we were finished. The food was just OK. The pasta special of tortelloni in a ragu was over salted. My lamb was done in by the heat lamp. Even the check arrived before we asked for it.
            Maybe it was good that we were rushed out. We were dining with friends who are food professionals, she a cookbook writer, he a wine expert. All of us were appalled by the way we--and the food--were treated.
            Novità, a restaurant located in our neighborhood, is definitely off our list!