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May 5, 2007 11:20 AM

Dinner in Springfield, Illinois?

We're spending the night in Springfield later this month on the way to Duluth, MN. We'll be staying in the SE area of the city. Are there any good restaurants near I-55? I know there are tons of chain restaurants in Springfield, but I can eat at them anywhere.


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  1. I recommend Gallaghers Steak House on South 6th Street. Great steak, great service and a piano bar on certain nights. I live outside St. Louis and this is my choice when in town. Here's a map link and contact info:

    1. What sort of cuisine are you interested in??

      I live five miles outside of the city and while it's not NY, it has seen a mini-explosion of decent restaurants in the last few years. There are a number of good thai options, a few Italian, a very good option downtown and many others...give me an idea of what you'd prefer and I can give you a few suggestions.

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        I'd really recommend Cafe Brio, at Monroe and some numbered cross street I can't recall. Consistently the best place there I know of. It's downtown.

      2. Oooh! I remember a really good Thai place by the fairgrounds that I ate at a few years ago. I know that's vague, perhaps someone could help me out.

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          Magic Kitchen is on Peoria road north of the Fairgrounds...

          Brio is good...

          Augie's Front Burner on fifth near the Old State Capital is very nice as well...

          1. re: chris in illinois

            My favs in Springfield have always been Sebastian's downtown and Indigo on the west side off Veteran's Parkway and Lindbergh.