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May 5, 2007 10:51 AM

cinco de mayo?any thoughts

i am craving great margaritas, yummy mexican fare, and nice atmosphere. Any suggestions? Price range not an issue.

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  1. International Blvd from Fruitvale to High St in Oakland is closed down for a street festival. Probably a lot of food selection there. I saw the Oakland police dept's low rider being hauled in to join the festivies just a while ago.

    Also, search brings up this recent topic:

    1. Hit up Mamacita in the Marina for the mob scene. Its been featured on this site and Daily Candy, so there should be no lack of merriment there...and their festivities are running 11am till midnight.

      1. lock the doors and pour the tequila?

        This week's earlier discussion -

        1. Fonda

          It's not in any major celebration area and has lovely margaritas