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May 5, 2007 10:02 AM

Bored With!

I'm bored with all the choices offered in Hollywood. We don't do sceney sceney places...Social or Rock Bar or Geisha House...Like them for the right occasion but we prefer high end foodie driven places...Been more times than I can count to Hungry Cat, Lou, Cafe Stella, Dustys, Ita-Cho, Mozza, Ammo, Vinoteca, Cafe Des Artistes, The Bowery, Sushi Ike, AOC, Pastis, Cynthias, Celadon (blech!), Chameau, Campanile and the rest of La Brea's pantheons to cuisine, Edendell Cafe, Malo, Cobras and Matadors, blah blah blah blah . Not into things like Budda's Belly (there's just something off...too expensive for what it is). Sona you can't just drop in for a meal. Lucques bar menu is fab...but you have to wait til 10:00. Still haven't made it to Hatfields...but saving for a special occasion...I just want more ideas for solid, hole in the wall to slightly upscape places that we haven't been to aaaaaa thhhouuuuussannndddd tiiiiiimmmeesssss, that aren't on Abbot Kinney, and we can add to our rotation. Help.

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  1. Have you been able to get over to Sushi Zo in West LA yet?

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    1. re: tony michaels

      Well, if I ate out as often as you seem to, I guess I'd be jaded too. Um, Canele?
      Maybe it's time to get more into Thai, or Ethiopian...

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        Also, have you been to Bin 8945? What about Beverly Hills? Mako, Nic's?

    2. Ditto the Thai, or other stuff that's not your typical high cuisine. I'd try to get my brain out of "high end foodie" and try to focus more on ethnic places to inject some variety into eating out.

      Places we've been recently that I'd recommend: India's Grill in the mini mall where San Vicente and La Cienega intersect, the Chan Dara on Cahuenga and Sunset, Joan's on 3rd for a quick sandwich, Farmer's Market on 3rd & Fairfax for a variety of things.

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        1. You need a change. You need a drink. You need downtown. Wait til about 8. Get to 7 Grand downtown and order some Bernheim Wheat Whiskey with 1-3 rocks. Sip slowly. Next, head over to Little Tokyo/Arts District. Go to Sushi Gen and sit at the bar and eat omakase. Or, go to R-23 and do the same. If at R-23, be sure to get some of the seared salmon sushi. After, you might check to see if anything's doing at the Orpheum Theatre or at the Mayan--if that's not too sceney.

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          1. re: mc michael

            "7 Grand"? Is that the name of the place? please tell more, thanks.

            1. re: slacker

              OK, Seven Grand. Just a really nice whiskey bar with lots of hard to get bourbons and scotches and whiskeys. As an example, you can get Bernheim Wheat Whiskey there. Of course, they've got all other sorts of drinks as well. No food other than nuts or chips. Not much happening before 7:30. You can usually find free street parking. Same guys who did Golden Gopher, Broadway Bar, etc. But I like this better. It's hip but civilized.

          2. Some all over the place, and if they are already on your "burnt list," I apologize par avance... Angeli Cafe, Mirabelle, 25 Degrees, Lucky Devils, Dakota, Genghis Cohen, Grub, Magnolia, Messob/Rahel/Meals by Genet, Asia de Cuba, MILK, Opus, Ortolan, Simon LA, Traktir, Vivoli Cafe, Bienvenuto Cafe, Carlitos Gardel, Griddle Cafe for B/L

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              What about Moules Frites night at Mimosa (tuesday)?