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May 5, 2007 09:14 AM

Chocolate Dipped Ice Cream at Costco

When you're craving some GOOD ice cream bars dipped in chocolate with almonds you must get yourself to your nearest Costco and dish out the $1.50 for one! Oh my goodness. For the most part you'll find parking-of course depending on when you go, but I imagine it would be easier than driving to Westwood to Diddy Reese, finding parking, and getting an ice cream sandwich there. It's got to be one of the best, cheapest, frozen treats around. Again, for the convenience and instant gratification!

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  1. When fresh, the churros aren't bad either

    1. I totally agree. I love the dipped ice cream bars w/almonds. I always order two and take one home to save in the freezer.

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      1. re: ceejoi

        Good idea! I don't know why I didn't think of that. I actually think I'm going to get one now. I mean two!

      2. Sams Club has those same ice cream bars. The three berry sundae at Sams is also a winner for about the same price. Sams' pizza is unexpectantly good.

        1. .....and don't forget the ultimate cheap dog and soda for a buck and a half.

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          1. re: othervoice

            For $3.00-Hot Dog, Soda, and a chocolate dipped ice cream as big (if not bigger) than the hot dog. It doesn't get any better than that. (for $3.00)

          2. In Richmond,BC...they have poutine and teriyaki. The poutine was good and I didn't have time to try the teriyaki, but a lot of people were ordering/eating it. Wish we had some of that here in CA...

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              I keep reading about all the idfferent things they have in Canada and out on the East Coast...I wish they'd try some of those out on the West would be fun to see a different choice now and then.

              Living in Phoenix I'm trying to figure out the logistics of getting one of those ice cream bars home to my freezer! What's the secret? Will they wrap it so you can toss it in a cooler to prevent melting?

              1. re: ziggylu

                Will the service counter folks put it back in the freezer for you after they dip it? This would bring it back to freezer temperature. I'd think that if you bought some frozen goods at Costco you could use those in conjunction with an ice chest to keep your ice cream bar cold as well...Or bring some blue ice packets. Maybe you can also bring a couple of sheets of the Reynolds aluminum nonstick foil to wrap up the bars once they're refrozen. And of course keep the a/c on high! :)

                1. re: ziggylu

                  When I bought one, the guy put it in some waxed envelope kind of thingy. I know that description was horrible, but think of it kind of like what you get a big pretzel in. Where one side and the bottom is sealed and the rest is open. Anyway, so I actually got it home and the middle was soft, but the outside was still intact. Crunchy and everything. I actually took a bite and the middle was melted, so I threw it in the freezer and ate it later.

                  I went back again and this time the guy folded it in some foil. I was like, "WHAT?!" But whatever, maybe he knew something I didn't know. Yeah-when I got home I had to peel the stupid foil off. Lame.