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May 5, 2007 09:00 AM

Pete's marketplace Restaurant in Buffalo...What do the Hounds think?

Hi all,

A few hounds are going into buffalo for a day and want a fun casual dinner with good eats . . . let me know your thought on petes Market . . . and if you have any other ideas on places to eat where you get the best bang for your buck feel free to let me know



P.S. We like all foods

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  1. Haven't heard of Pete's, but here are my recs for cheap and casual:

    Wings: The Anchor Bar on Main Street in Buffalo. Locals and tourists all throng there; it's where wings were invented.

    Dessert: Sweet Tooth on Elmwood

    Seafood: Hayes Seafood House, 8900 Main St. in Clarence (15 mins. East of Buffalo). Outdoor patio; beer & wine.

    Chinese: Chang's Garden and The Golden Duck, both on Maple Road in Williamsville

    Lunch-style Beef on a weck: Charlie the Butcher, a 50's-style luncheonette in Cheektowaga, the corner of Wehrle and Cayuga. Also the Anderson's chain all over the area is a good local fast-food joint with good meats and custard.

    Beef on a weck, dinner-style: Schwabl's in the southern burb of West Seneca.

    1. I left Buffalo about 2 years ago, and hadn't heard of Pete's, so maybe it's new. Sorry I can't comment on it.

      But my bang-for-the-buck recommendation is Shango on Main St. Really nice cajun-inspired dishes, chic-yet-informal atmosphere, and a great beer list.

      For equal bang, but a few more bucks, I also like Toro on Elmwood. They're a tapas place, but their menu is not limited to traditional the usual tapas selections - they do some pretty innovative dishes.

      You might also consider Mother's, on Virginia Place (not Virginia Street, which runs perpindicular). They offer what I still haven't found since moving to NYC - a full dinner menu until 4am (although most of the specials will be long gone by then). The menu is pretty much New American (steaks, pork, chicken, tuna, a pasta dish, etc), but they also have a bar menu (which you have to ask for; they won't give it to you when you sit down) offering wings, quesadillas, etc. It's a pretty fun place later on at night, as all sorts of people from very different social strata tend to end up there.

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      1. re: adylan76

        I've never heard of Pete's.
        Look on
        There's lots of information there.
        I wouldn't send anyone to Anchor Bar - it has slipped and is a tourist venue. If you want to sample good Buffalo cuisine, go to BarBill in East Aurora. Great wings and the best Beef on Weck around. Charlie the Butcher butchers Beef on Weck (their roll sucks).
        Downtown, try Papaya or go to Hutches. Buffalo Smoke House and Fat Bob's for BBQ.

        1. re: houdini

          I agree 100% specially with the Beef on Weck rec as well as the comments on Anchor Bar and Charlie the Butchers. I've never been impressed with Charlie's beef, not lean and they do not have a liquor licence. What's a Beef on Weck w/o a good draft beer? I'm originally from the area and none of my friends enjoy going to Anchor Bar so I would take issue with the statement about locals thronging there. Based on a rec from this board a while ago, probably this poster, I tried the Bar Bill and really like their B on W.

          Good Luck

          1. re: Jambalaya

            Try their wings, too! Unless you have an asbestos mouth, just go with 'hot".

      2. I have been a Buffalonian all my life, and haven't heard of Pete's. Is it brand spankin' new? Or perhaps someone gave you some mistaken information?
        Try searching "Buffalo" on the TRISTATE REGION of the boards for some recommendations of good places to visit in the neighborhood you'll be in.
        Try this link too...
        And follow houdini's advice and visit this guy's website...

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        1. re: jerryc123

          By chance, are you talking about PAULIE'S Market, on Sheridan Drive near Millersport? It is a new Italian deli that does sandwiches, panini, and soups? haven't tried it yet, but will report back with a review once we've had.

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            Okay, so I asked around and someone said you are probably talking about Pete's Market House in Niagara Falls. I have never been there, but did a search, and here's a link...

        2. well i dont know where all of you true buffalo people have been but Pete's is an institution and has been there since the 1920's. the actual name is Pete's market house it actually is called Lou's now but the sign still says petes. you have to be careful though as there is another pete's in downtown niagara falls and it's not this one, that one you have to go in the back and order the food yourself write it on a slip and give it to the "chef" ( i use the term very loosely) the pete's market i know and love is at 1701 pine ave it's in a poorer part of town though down the street a bit is little italy and some fancy rest. there. pete's is wonderful, filet mignon to die for, lobster tails that are great no matter what some people said about them they have a queen sized prime rib that two people could not finish, the downside is the only veg they give you is peas..they have fresh bread on the tables, real butter, baked potatoes are great and the food is something else. we have eaten there, shrimp cocktail for both of us and steak and lobster tail dinners and drinks for around 20$ so give it a try it's very much worth the effort

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            My Husband and I went to "Lou's" Pete's Market for our anniversary dinner. We were taken to our table by an 8yr. old angel, later to be served by a kind woman whom made us feel at home. We found it at the suggestion of a gentleman in Rite-Aide, and were served HUGE prime rib steaks with potato and peas. Yes, the veg. were peas, but the steak was thicker than my thumb is long, so who cares!!!!! It was clean, the service was genuine, the food was out of this world, and it was under $12.00u.s. a person. NO WHERE else can compete for quality food at that price. We were not in a fancy dining room, but the gentleman at the piano was amazing! We WILL be going again1