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May 5, 2007 08:48 AM

dinner tonight - a place like Franklin Cafe?

A friend and I are having dinner tonight. I'd love to eat a place similiar in price (and tastiness!) to the Franklin Cafe. We have already eaten there together a few times and loved it but are looking for something new. Any suggestions? Thank you!

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  1. Anchovies on Culumbus is a great place. Very reasonably priced, good drinks and a TV for the Sox if you eat at the bar. If not, nice booths in the back. I had chicken parmesan w/ziti and a side of their delicious meatballs the other night. Great comfort food in a nice dark environment.

    1. If you have not been to Dorchester's dbar yet, you may have a great place to eat tonite. Great food served up by a hot new chef from The Inn at Little Washington, Christopher Coombs, reasonable wine list, service is decent, about as close to the Franklin as you can get, the prices are nearly identicle, but sometimes it can be a bit loud, but well worth the trip to Dorchester.... and they have a parking lot.

      1. potbellies in southie...

        1. A few places that remind me of the Franklin in terms of cool, casual ambience, well-made cocktails, and very good food for the prices: the aforementioned dbar (though you want to dine before it turns nightclub at 10ish), the Ashmont Grill, The Biltmore (in remote Newton Upper Falls, but worth the trip), Silvertone (watch out for pre-Orpheum-show crowds), B-Side Lounge (though it's insane on Saturday nights), Audubon Circle (also rather packed on Saturdays), the bar at Green Street, Alchemist Lounge, and the bar at Columbus Cafe.

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            Thank you for all of the suggestions!

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              I think the central kitchen in Cambridge is similar in price and tastiness to Franklin. Similar dark atmosphere but not quite as bar-ish as Franklin

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                  We went to the Audubon - reasonably crowded around 8 pm on Saturday night. Had the shrimp skewers as an app - good but the dipping sauce was a little sweet. My friend had the tuna steak which I tasted and it was delicious, perfectly done (slightly rare). I had the steak with blue cheese butter and asparagus which was also delicious. Service was great and we shared a good bottle of wine and the comfortable atmosphere. Thanks to all!

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                MCSlim, I thought you would also recommend Union?

                And what happened to the obligatory ESK rec? C'mon, hounders!!!

                1. re: Sgt Snackers

                  Most of my recs here look/feel primarily like bars, as the Franklin does. I like Union a lot, but it's much more swanky and upscale in feel than the Franklin, with not nearly as cool a crowd, and a bit more expensive.

                  My take on ESK remains as it always has: I love the bartending (in my top 2 on the Boston side of the river) and the service in the bar, think the dining room service is very spotty, like most of the food, though the French-leaning stuff interests me far more than the Italian or American. It too has an upscale feel, more like an expensive brasserie than a casual bar. I prefer to avoid it when the Sox are in town.

              2. You might want to consider Green Street Grill in Central Sq, Cambridge. Good food, great atmosphere, great drinks.

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                  Maybe also Washington Sq. Tavern and Beacon St. Tavern.

                  1. re: Joanie

                    Of those two I'd recommend WST over BST based on the OP - just b/c WST is smaller and a bit more cozy. I enjoy both places but do slightly prefer the atmosphere at WST.