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May 5, 2007 08:34 AM

Scotland Tarts

I visited Scotland from Canada not too long ago, and I loved these tarts that could be found in most bakeries. They have a pink or Yellow fondant type icing on the outside, with white cream inside, then a layer of cake and some jam on the bottom. Please help! I don't recall what they are called... And does anyone have a recipe for these delights?

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    1. re: beckybee

      hello..I have been trying to find out what they are called. I went inot one bakers but they didn't know what I was talking about but I intend to go into Aulds tomorrow and asked. What shape are they?

      1. re: rekha

        Thanks for trying!! They are shaped like a tart on the bottom and a taller mound on top.

    2. Sounds similar to a Bakewell Tart if I'm not mistaken, traditionally made in the English town of Bakewell (beautiful place!). As far as recipes go, it's just how it sounds basically! A shortcrust casing, sponge base with a thin layer of jam, and then iced with half a glacier cherry on top.
      Did it look anything like this?

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      1. re: lucky13

        No, it doesn't look anything like the pic. But thank you very much.

      2. They're very specific to Scotland, and we don't usually ask for them by name, you just point and say 'one of those'. The yellow ones are called pineapple cakes and the ones with the white icing and brown pattern are fern cakes. The pink ones are basically just a pink version of the yellow ones. See the following for pictures: