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May 5, 2007 08:19 AM

Do Wintergreen Life Saver Still Spark?

I was telling my daughter about how Wintergreen Life Savers and how they spark if you bite into them. I bought a roll (which was harder to do than it used to be), but I have yet to see a spark in the dark.

Has the recipe changed? Is there some special thing you have to do to get them to spark? I remember them just sparking.

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  1. They have to be pretty fresh and dry, if they were an old pack they may have absorbed enough humidity that the wouldn't spark.

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      First -- pitch black room. I mean NO light. Wait until you are sure that your eyes have TOTAL dark adapted. I know my old eyes take A LOT longer to dark adapt. As I check I sometime will pull a "glow in the dark" key chain out of my pocket that I know is not really charged up, but has been exposed to some light a while ago to check that I can see the faint glow.

      Second -- grind the mint -- don't just bite it. You can use a mortar & pestle OR set the mint better the jaws of big pliers. Much more effective than buried between fragile old molars.

    2. my girl scout troop was addicted to this- bonus points if you had braces that reflected, I think, and that was only a couple of years ago. I seem to remember the leaders making a trip to the freezer for them, so maybe temperature plays a role?

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        1. Haven't tried Life Savers recently, but can tell you that wintergreen Altoids work.

          1. It will not work if you have the sugar free mints. Sugar plays a very important role in the excitation process, so make sure it's in there or else you are just wasting your time. Moisture and temp play very little into the mechanism.