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May 5, 2007 07:15 AM

Galloway NJ report - I went, I ate, I write ...

Many thanks to the Hounds who offered tips. Two of the suggestions turned into outstanding meals.

The Sunryser made for a great breakfast experience. Cute place, very friendly. The highlight was the side of scrapple. Nicely seared and very light in texture inside, yet with a good pork-y taste.

The Athenian Garden was also great (although I wish I had remembered the admonition that it was BYOB). The Ms. had a soup starter and mousaka, and I had a salad followed by sauted octopus over linguine. All were wonderful. It's a family run place, and, thankfully, it's a family that gets along well - the service and overall experience were cheerful, matching the decor of the place.

We hit two diners while coming and going - on Rts. 206 / 70 / 72. One called the Esquire, one the Red Lion. Both were OK; breakfast at the Red Lion allowed me to satiate my every 5-years-or-so need for Taylor Pork Roll. First time taste for the Ms., who likened it to a salt lick. Hard to argue that, but one tends to be the product of one's upbringing. I was brought up to like it (albeit not to like it too often).

We also did Budakan (sp?) in Atlantic City, at the Shops on the Pier. Chicken and ginger dumplings (very good), boneless spareribs (yawn), glazed black cod (sublime - one of the best renditions of this dish that I've ever had), and chicken & shrimp phat thai (competently done, but not especially noteworthy). The service was outstanding, and the decor and lighting are striking (edging towards over-the-top, but not getting there).

Once again, many thanks to those offering suggestions.

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  1. So happy that you enjoyed your experiences!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed your experience as well. The Sunryser is awesome!

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        There is also a diner up the road from the Sunryser, I believe it is called Cafe Shay . May be wrong on the name but it is on the opposite side of the road from the Sunryser going toward Smithville it is in a little strip mall.

        Haven't been to the Sunryser in years since it was sold. They had the best breakfast and the oddest decor.