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May 5, 2007 06:51 AM

Morels in S. Ontario

Anybody spot morels in S. Ontario yet? That last two years have been a total bust for decent mushrooms. Too dry, I suppose, or too many people trampling over the few remaining abodes.

I would appreciate getting the heads-up. You don't have to reveal a specific location (although that would be appreciated); just need the green light to start trekking out there. Thanks.

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  1. I'm guessing in the next two weeks. We need a good warm soaking rain. Then run out there and hunt!

    1. Well.....if commercial is an option - saw them today at the North side of St Lawrence market - $52/pound which is less than last year as I recall.

      There's a mushroom vendor on the second row from the east side of the North Market, near the north end of the building

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      1. re: ElizabethS

        $42 per pound today. Also, got some ramps and wild garlic, but no $42 morels. I am still trying to pry information out of a friend who was shown a great patch of morels by someone who has since died and made her promise to never tell.

        1. re: faijay

          Tell her that if she just invites you along to help with the gathering, then she will have never told you where it is.


        2. re: ElizabethS

          I have never seen a mushroom vendor at St. Lawerence (North) Farmers Market. (But I would love to!) Does the mushroom vendor leave early?

        3. Harvest Wagon at Yonge and Summerhill has them. Picked some up today! Pretty pricey at 69.00/lbs. though.


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              they only carry oyter mushroom spoors. all else is no longer carried

          1. We are northeast of the city. I checked our usual spots yesterday, but I think it is still too cold and dry. As Nyleve said, a couple of weeks and some warm rain will do wonders. This week won't help as there is no rain until at least Thursday.

            1. So when they're ready to go, will someone post for us newbies who'd love to go hunting??
              Also, what do I look for in a place to hunt and then where to hunt once I've found the place.


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              1. re: Davwud

                Mushroom books say one thing, but my experience never jives with this. I've found morels right in the middle of grassy sections of our lawn, along dense tree lined boarders between a neighboring field and our property, under a big pine tree and right next to the driveway in a pile of dead leaves. The trick seems to be to get down on ground level and survey the area at eye level. Once you find one, you'll usually see quite a few more easily. Some spots are reliable year after year and some never see another shroom again. My uncle used to have a spot somewhere near Bolton where he found hundreds every year, but he took that knowledge to his grave unfortunately.

                We have an annual meal we call our "holy doodle" morel dinner. It is a recipe from the LCBO several years ago which is basically a cream-based morel sauce over chicken. It is decadent, but wonderful. The weird name comes the expression I let out one year when we found monster (I mean huge and falic looking) morels along one edge of the driveway (they never appeared there again). We rarely find more than enough for one meal. And to answer another post, we've never found false morels nearby, but I did find saddleback mushrooms nearby last year.

                If/when I find some, I'll be sure to post a notice. Good luck.

                1. re: dinin and dishin

                  I've had success near coniferous trees, but mostly in dappled-shade areas beside well-trod paths. And it definitely needs to be warm and after a decent amount of rain has fallen.

                  Every notice how you can't usually make them out, perhaps having passed right by one? But once you've spotted one, then you are able to spot very many thereafter. I guess your eye adjusts to the shape or colour or something. An interesting phenomenon.