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May 5, 2007 06:03 AM

Buenos Aires - Patagonia Divina report

Had intended to go to Jangada for pacu, but it appeared closed, so we chose Patagonia Divina instead (recogized it off the same article from the NYTimes that had recommended Jangada).

Lovely interior, great waitstaff, excellent wine (had a Patagonian pinot - Bodega del Fin del Mundo - lovely and lean, like the northern Sonoma pinots, minimal oak). I liked the concept - refined takes on rugged food, using Patagonian ingredients - but the food was a little disappointing. We had Patagonian King Crab fritters (heavy fritter batter), Patagonian lamb (pretty good) and a Patagonian sole that was overly fishy. Still, we didn´t get to try the sampler plate of cured Patagonian meats and cheeses, and it was an enjoyable evening overall (thanks to the wine and the waitstaff), so I can´t quite give it a thumbs down. Food and wine came out to about 25 American dollars.

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