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May 5, 2007 05:14 AM

Winnipeg Burgers

Good morning,

I'm not sure if many of you have been through Winnipeg, Manitoba. If you have, you'll know that the city has a great food scene including a wealth of great burger joints. Does anyone have any suggestions for spots to try?

My favorites of the 30+ I've been to include: The Burger Place (Portage Ave.), Oscar's Deli (Hargrave St.), Dairi Wip (Marion St.), VJ's (Main St.), Superboy's (Main St.) and The North Star Drive-In (McGregor Ave.).


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  1. When it comes to burgers in Winnipeg NO ONE beats Mrs Mikes on Tache and their Kingburger.

    I have had them all VJs, Dairy Whip, Superboys etc... nothing beats the Kingburger.

    1. Burgers in YWG...Interesting
      All of the above are good, but have you tried Park Tower (Portage Ave) across from Assiniboine Park? Quite Tasty. They have a variety of items on their menu including some very tasty Greek dishes.
      The place is absolutely pack for lunch on the weekends.

      1. Daly Burger on Corydon is good, but used to be better. I think Superboys is my favourite. (But the VJs burger is as tasty to me, however, they have no onion-rings.) Non-Winnipeggers who like burgers should know that these are the kind of deluxe, freshly made patties, chilli on top burgers that you pay ten bucks for in some retro themed restaurant that people rave about. Here it is standard fare, available everywhere, and cheap.

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          Wow, really? My experiences at the Daly Burger have been abysmal. I live within walking distance so I really expected that this would become a regular haunt for me. I've given them a few chances on a few different menu items and each is more poorly cooked than the last.

          Dairy Whip is worth the trip, though.

          1. re: FashionDiva84

            Daly has definitely had a drop in quality in the last few years. The last burger I bought from there was almost pure oregano. I really like VJ's, but they tend to over-salt.

        2. I have not actually had a burger at Rae and Jerry's, but I hear they're excellent, and of course you have to have their amazing house-made, funnel-cakey onion rings as a side.

          1. Has anyone heard of Juniors? My relatives took me there for a burger 20 years ago. It was really good. I don't know where it is.

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              Yes, the Juniors is located around the city but the best ones are located on 785 Street Mary's Road in the south end and the downtown one on 558 Portage Ave near the U of W. The burgers are pretty good there!!