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May 5, 2007 04:54 AM


Anyone know what liquor store has the best selection and price on tequila? I was thinking of Gordon's, Marty's, and Martignetti's. These are close by and usually have a decent range. I know the price of tequila has been creeping up over the years, but who do you think has the best prices?

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  1. I've had good luck at the Soldiers Field Road location of Martignetti's. They have a pretty decent selection of liquor, including the super-premium brands and some obscure stuff. I recently found bottles of Amer Picon, Parfait Amour, Marie Brizzard Triple Sec, and various Italian bitters there, things I'd been seeking for months. Their prices are good, with regular markdowns of odd lots, a nice way to try weird stuff I might not otherwise. (Do I really need a different brand of Pisco? At $11 on sale, why not?) Good, regular wine sales, too.

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      1. Though it is not close to where I live, I have had occasion to go to Gordon's and have found not only the selection extensive, but the staff has been extremely helpful in pointing me to bargins and proving helpful suggestions.

        As I've been a tequilla fan for many years, I am very happy to see this new trend.

        1. Liquor Land on Harrison Ave by Boston Medical has a decent selection. Prices for Patron (I think) were something like:
          silver 49, reposado 52, anejo 54