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May 5, 2007 04:39 AM

West/South Suburban Farmers Markets

Hi everyone...I'm new here, and this looks like a wonderful site!

I know Downers Grove has a great Farmers market on Saturdays. Are there any others in the west or south suburban areas that you can suggest, either during the week or weekend?

Thanks, Tracee

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  1. Naperville has a farmers market on Saturday morings until around noon. It is located on 5th avenue just east of Washington street in the parking lot of 5th Avenue Station. Best advise is to get there early.

    Now that I have moved away from Naperville(where I lived for 30+ years), and the urban sprawl, I go to a roadside farmstand in Norway, Illinois(about 45 mins west of Naperville), and he has the best sweet corn(once it is in season) that I have ever had, he also has the other typical farmers market fare, and I like to support a local farmer. Its on Route 71, Newark, Illinois. Right on the way to Starved Rock State Park.

    1. The farmers market in Oak Park is one of the best I have visited. A little ways from Downers Grove but worth the trip. On top a a great selection of produce, flowers, etc. They have fresh cooked donuts every Saturday morning from the adjacent church basement kitchen. They allow different charity fund raisers to make the donuts.

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        Agree on Oak Park. In addtion to the doughnuts (rated best doughnuts in Chicago area by Chicago Mag last summer), there is live blue grass music.

      2. Thanks guys, I will try both Naperville and Oak Park.
        swsidejim...I know Norway...well at least the Norway your farmer usually there on Saturdays by mid-summer? Thanks again Tracee

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          yes, he is open Sat. and Sundays

          the farmstand is on the same side of the road as the Norway Store, just a little east of there. His farm is actually only a couple of blocks from his farmstand.

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            I've always had good luck shopping for fresh produce at The Farm on 63rd street, just east of Cass in Westmont.

            Their prices are generally lower than those seen at most farmers markets.

            I like their kohlrabi.

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              Yes, The Farm in Westmont has always been reliable and relatively cheap (the market in Downers is much more expensive.) Tio show how long I've been going... they used to grow some of their corn adjacent to the stand. That's all townhouses now and they farm somewhere out to the west.

        2. Hinsdale has one, also Aurora and Batavia.

          This thread makes me want to pop a cooler in the car and head to Norway's market (have never been but have driven by there. is that the town with an airplane or something next to the road?) , go on to Starved Rock for a scenic hike, then off to the restaurant that is often mentioned on this board...I'll do a search. A bbq place maybe? Sounds like an awfully nice way to spend a summer Saturday.
          Here's a link you might like:

          Can't wait for the markets to open!

          Back to add that it's Ron's Cajun Connection that has been mentioned so favorably here. I know it's not what you asked for but thought you might like to have that info in case you go out there. I've not been yet but am now looking forward heading west and making a day of it!

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            The airplane on the side of the road is just west of Norway on Route 71. Ron's Cajun Connection is a definite place to stop for a meal. In my opinion the best Cajun spot in Chicago, or the suburbs.

            There are also some interesting places down by the Illinois River. If you take route 6 east out of Ottawa coming back from Starved Rock, you will get to a four way stop in Seneca, go right, and over the river, and there is a reestaurant called Boondocks. They have a Tiki bar right on the river, and a larger restaurant with a screened in dining area. The food is just average, but the view is great, and the beer is cold.

          2. There are "French Markets" at Lisle (right near the train station) and at Wheaton (south side of the RR tracks, use west of the OLD county courthouse in downtown. These are both "managed" by a French firm, but the vendors are local people. It's rather early now to find produce, but the Wheaton French Market is already open. Naperville market opens June 2.

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              The French Market in Geneva has been open for 2 weeks now, it's on Sunday in the Metra parking lot. There has been some produce, one vendor with lettuce, asparagus, green onions, etc. but is mostly a craft market. Batavia and Aurora will start up in June, both have good produce vendors. Batavia has has a vendor from Maple Park who sells beef that he raises and butchers and a family from Michigan who has the most wonderful fruit (apples, peaches, berries)

              1. re: LikestoEatout

                The Chicago Tribune Good Eating section (in Wednesdays paper) always prints a list of all the local farmers markets, city & suburban, I haven't seen it yet but it should be out soon.

                  1. re: marciab

                    Yep, Wednesday's Chicago Tribune had a listing of all the farmer's markets in the city and the suburbs, along with hours and dates of operation.

                    1. re: Chicago Wine Geek

                      You can see the article about the farmers markets on the Tribune website:

                      The ones in the city are listed by day of the week; the ones in the suburbs are listed alphabetically by town.

                      1. re: Chicago Wine Geek

                        Article notes that suburban listings are partial.

                        Thursday Tribune has an ending date correction for Oak Park: October 27 instead of the Oct. 6 in original article.

                        1. re: Eldon Kreider

                          I think the "partial" note is just a disclaimer in case someone gets upset that some town or other was omitted. They included a LOT of suburbs (over 100, I think), including ALL the ones in the immediate vicinity where I live.

                          Other sources of listings of farmers markets in the Chicago area include:

                          Illinois Department of Agriculture -

                          U.S. Department of Agriculture -

                          City of Chicago Special Events -