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Where is the best Chocolate Souffle?

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I am a native of LA, but now live in Hawaii for the past 18 years. One thing I miss the most is a real good Chocolate souffle. I remember going to Moustache Cafe on Melrose Avenue and Westwood Village but no longer is there. I am planning to come to LA this month, anyone tell me where I can find the decadent chocolate souffle?

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    1. I'm not a chocolate souffle expert, but they make a very good one at French 75 in Tustin.

      1. Roy's. Don't need to come to L.A. for it. :)

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          howzit! ROYS!!!!!!! diamondhead side... towards kahala... oh my goodness.. it's one of the best.. i always call it a molten chocolate lava cake, but other folks call it a souffle... iz ONO =) thank goodness roy's in also in the mainland...

          oops... i didn't read your bulletin properly.... i'm sorry... but yes, i still agree with slacker, no need to come to LA for souffle.. there is a current thread going on about roy's actually here in la that i just posted to..


          so while i misspoke earlier, in this post... there is a place out there that serves a mean chocoloate souffle =) so you don't have to wait 18 years =)

        2. Best I've had so far has been at La Cachette.

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          1. Worth trying: Bistro de l'Hermitage in Culver City. Nice sidewalk cafe.

            1. We just ate at Morton's this past weekend and the chocolate souffle was perfect. Light airy with just the right amount of melted chocolate. I could have ate a whole one to myself.

              1. Bistro Gardens
                [the dear departed Le Dome had an AWESOME one w/ a gorgeous vanilla bean sauce]