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May 5, 2007 01:28 AM

Sushi Ike

Because of the huge line at Bossa Nova, I decided to head out to Sushi Ike with a few friends. The sushi bar was packed but we beat the 9pm rush just in time to score a table. I ordered omakase, and had excellent toro and really good mackerel, which is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Also, the crab hand roll at the end was quite delicious. I still don't like it as much as Hirozen or Sasabune, but it's nice to check out my new nearby sushi-ya now that I've moved to Hollywood.

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    1. Ike is great. Try the grilled octopus.

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      1. Am I missing something here? We tried Sushi Ike about a year ago after hearing all the raves, but it was totally underwhelming with average quality fish. And, yet, it maintains a huge following. It was a dingy, depressing space, chock full of wannabe hipsters. None of these things are deal-breakers if the sushi is amazing , but it wasn't -- not even close. As a devoted fan of Hirozen and Sasabune, I suspect we share a similar sushi standard, but I didn't find Ike that much better than, say, Cafe Sushi on Beverly.

        Meanwhile, I tried Sushi Eyaki on Wilshire and Highland yesterday (which has no real feedback about it on Chowhound) and was pleasantly surprised. It's more roll-centric (in other words, not traditional like the always-delicious Sasabune or Hiko), but I was really impressed by the quality of the fish. Go figure.

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          Him hungrygirl...I've been to Ike twice . Once it was absolutely wonderful and the second time it was, well, average, if that. The first time the chef, and I think it was Ike , was helpful and inventive. The second time we had another chef and he was just plain indifferent and unimaginative.

          Anyway, I can't bear the lines there so I am looking for a neighborhood place.(Hollywood/Los Feliz).

          1. re: mangia

            I've been a half dozen times and never had a line.

            1. re: mc michael

              I love Ike. The crab roll is amazing as is their spicy scallop roll.

            2. re: mangia

              Saito Sushi - Fountain/Sunset, across from AkBar, next to the donut shop

            3. re: hungrygirl106

              I had many nigiri items and only the toro, mackerel and hand roll stood out. The rest were only okay. Since I have to hop in my car and drive to Ike anyway, I see myself turning in the other direction and instead going to Hirozen. If you see me, I'll be the guy polishing off a bottle of unfilitered sake all by himself!