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May 5, 2007 01:26 AM

Church Association Cafeteria Nr. University?

Returning to NYC with a fuzzy memory of a cafeteria below sreet level I stumbled on. I was unable to eat there, but the food looked like what you'd get at a good restaurant only far les expensive. Not far from Barnard, or was it Hunter's? Not only were lots of patrons sitting down to lunch but here were streams of people exiting with food to go. Any ideas of where I was? (name, location, hours?) And is the food as good as it looked?

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  1. This was probably the Interchurch Center, at 120th and Riverside Drive. Near Barnard and Columbia. While I've not been, and am not necessarily a fan of cafeterias, I've heard that they have a good one that is open to the public.

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      Thanks a lot! will search chowhand/ for it