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May 5, 2007 12:29 AM

Birthday catering idea--food we had when we were young

My wife's birthday is coming up and I had an idea of reminding her of her youth by taking her to places with food we had as kids--ie hot dogs, fun desserts, etc--but with an adult palate (ie, mac n' cheese with Lobster). Any suggestions? Doesn't have to be one place. Here's what I came up with:

Luna Park
Ketchup (they have sloppy joes)
Simon LA -- for their desserts
Violet--for mac n' cheese (unless you can think of a place that has better mac n' cheese
Melting Spot -- grilled cheese sandwhiches

Any other ideas?

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  1. Milk for ice cream sandwiches/bars/sundaes/bonbons? I haven't been there yet, but I've heard it's delicious!

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    1. re: sarahvagaca

      What about 26 Beach for a grown up burger, say a Billy Burger, goat cheese and sundried tomato or a Bombay burger with curry & chutney on a home-made bun. I know where i am going for lunch. 26 er w/Kobe patty, chedder cheese, fresh jalepenos, tomato, onion and mayo on a onion bun. Who is joing me, see you there around noon?

      1. re: Burger Boy

        Burger Boy, if it weren't for an all-day commitment out in the South Bay, I'd be there... you sold me on this place long ago... alot of my fellow workers go there at least once a week because of their excellent food, the vast choices, and the huge portions. Thanks - enjoy your lunch!

    2. For breakfast, how about Griddle Cafe...

      1. Geez, if my husband planned a celebration for me, "reminding me of [my] youth" (and by implication how it's gone) he wouldn't have any teeth left with which to enjoy the nostalgic meal, but that's just me!

        But, in an effort to contribute, I'd suggest The Farmer's Market on Third & Fairfax - spahgetti, pizza, donuts, chocolate milk shakes....

        The Blue Plate on Montana has grilled cheese sandwhiches

        The Grill on the Alley for hot fudge sundaes

        Lawry's prime rib for hot fudge sundaes with c.c. brown's hot fudge

        Neptune's Net - deep fried shrimp

        Anything near the LA County Museum on Wilshire so she can go over later and visit the dinasours

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        1. re: Bite Me

          LOL! I'm sure your youthful beauty still shines like the glimmering rays of sunshine cresting over the horizon...

          I like your your Farmer's Market suggestion. I don't know if school kids are still lucky enough to do this, but I recall going on at least two field trips to Third and Fairfax after getting a tour of the CBS Studios. Although alot of the shops and restaurant stalls have changed, the place still has that feel, that texture of time coming to a standstill. A time when most businesses were mom&pop and chains were something you locked your bike with - if you even had to do that.

          I also like Saravagaca's rec on Milk. Although I've yet to go, this place sounds like it is steeped in the kind of enjoyment that every kid fantasizes about - a more modern take on the cafes that had ice cream counters, or visa versa - maybe a contemporary of Farrell's Ice Cream parlors but with alot more swank.

          1. re: Bite Me

            Good call on grilled cheese... You've got Campanile Thursday night for that... Do a "Return to Your Youth" Week!

          2. Make your own s'mores at either Luna Park or Saddle Ranch Chop House.

            Make you own sundaes at Standard Cafe on Sunset.

            Auntie Em's for cupcakes.

            Campanile for the grilled cheese sandwiches.

            MILK for malts and shakes.

            SusieCakes for icebox cake.

            and Doughboys for the afternoon special, anything breakfast (pancakes, waffles, etc.), sloppy joe, chicken pot pie...

            1. City Bakery for their amazing mac n cheese and their neimen ranch all beef hot dog is a must!