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May 4, 2007 10:08 PM

Teacher Appreciation Day

Teacher Appreciation Day....Yes, this competitive working Mother is in search of a knock out dessert to make for my son's 6th grade Teacher Appreciation Day. I always send something...but at the last PTO meeting my son's teacher said to another MOther standing next to me, "I hope you send those same amazing cookies next time...we were all talking about them.!!" That got my juices running...I am looking for an easy and amazing dessert to send along to WOW those wonderful teachers. Aany ideas/? thanks

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  1. how about some chocolate peanutbutter snickerdoodles.

    1. Veteran middle school teacher here...have the kids make something. If you want to wow the teacher then things made by kids will do that. I've received all kinds of gifts over the years and it is the homemade jam, peanut brittle, etc that the kids made which made me smile the most. While we graciously appreciate any thoughtfulness, teachers tend to roll our eyes at the competitiveness among parents because it's not what we want modeled for the kids. Sorry, but I have to honest about this.

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        I love this advice. I can't tell you how many doctored up cake mixes/cookies that moms bring, trying to outdo each other (semi-home made at its best). I love having my kids do it, lopsided and all, and it includes a science/math lesson that can be shared. My son made no knead bread for his teachers for Christmas and they were so impressed.

        One my kids like making is CI's big and chewy chocolate chip cookies. You melt the butter so they can stir the whole thing with a wooden spoon. And, shaping the cookie is a lot of fun, too, for them. To make it a little different, use half chocolate chips and half toffee bits (even more fun is to put english toffee in a plastic bag and have them smash them with a rolling pin). As anyone who's made them before knows, they always get compliments--always stand out from regular chocolate chip cookies.

      2. Ina Garten's Cocoanut Cupcakes are out of this world. They get raves from everyone I know, and then some. And if you are looking for a shortcut, they sell the mix at Stonewall Kitchen's website.

        And they have that "wow" factor........with all that fresh cocoanut frosting ;) .

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          I just made the cake version of this Coconut Cake with Cream Cheese frosting for a friends birthday and it was out of this world! It got RAVES all around and it didn't have a "packaged" taste at all.

        2. How about some Apple Crumble bars w/ crystallized ginger in the filling, and cinnamon and cardamom in the crumble topping and base.