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May 4, 2007 10:05 PM

the bicycle-baltimore

anybody here been to the bicycle? my parents are coming into town and i need to make reservations at a nice restaurant for a monday evening and it seems like all the good restaurants in town close on mondays! suggestions??

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. been, there, love it and yes! they are closed on mondays :( you'll find that most places of this caliber are Tuesday-Saturday restaurants.
      I would try Salt in Patterson Park, i know there are mixed reviews on the board, but i've eaten there many times and have never been disappointed. unfortunately, they only take reso's for parties of 6+, but i would think on a Monday it wouldn't be too hard to get a table for four.

      A couple of other ideas:
      Gertrudes @ the BMA
      'B' in Bolton Hill
      Aldo's in Little Italy
      The Helmand on Charles Street
      Robert Oliver Seafood
      The Brewers Art - upstairs dinning room

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        It's too bad that Bicycle is closed. It is great! I second the mentions for 'b' and 'The Brewer's Art.' Although, depending upon the age of your parents, the latter may prove to be too much of a young crowd for them. B is more sophisticated and attracts more of a mature, older crowd, although it is still as fun and the food is just as good.

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          ahhhhh darn. all the places that i've chosen so far are closed on mondays! :( i think i will try salt. thanks!

        2. Pazo is open on Mondays. I've been a few times and have always had great service and wonderful food.

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            i always find that Pazo is too loud to hear my companions and if youre parents are like my dad, he prefers to eat his 'own' order and isn't a fan of tapas.

          2. My Monday standby place is Ikaros in Greektown!!!

            1. I live about two blocks from Bicycle and it's always a great go-to place. Less than a mile from there is the Wine Market. I eat there about once a month and love the food. They also have a wine shop where you can buy a bottle and take it to your table for a small corkage fee. Monday is neighborhood night there, but they don't take reservations on Monday nights, so I would recommend getting there early if you decide to go. It will also be a little quieter early on.

              Hope this helps.