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May 4, 2007 08:59 PM

SF (outer Sunset) - Mango Medly – Korean HK-Style vegan-friendly pan-Asian café with bastilla, regahif, zaalouk & much more?

There was a brief recommendation for this place in another topic. Here’s another mention on Chowhound …

“Mango Medley
Judah and 40th
and in another part of town, Mango Medley is a charming Hong Kong style café with tea, coffee, and snacks ($2.50-8) way out by Ocean Beach. Table service and gorgeous teapots and cups. Comfy bouncy chairs as well as more dining-focused tables.

Snack menu looks delicious. We shared mango with black and white sticky rice that was wonderful and made to order. Looseleaf teas are by Leaves. I had a Hong Kong Style Milk Tea; my friend had a pot of jasmine tea.

Anyone eaten here? There was a lone computer. Not sure whether they have wifi
Even hhc would approve of the bathrooms. (This may be the nicest smelling bathroom in the city limits)”

SFWeekly recently mentioned their baked-from-scratch NY cheese cake … “a tiny dining spot with great homemade cheesecake”

The ginger milk custard made with fresh ginger juice gets a lot of thumbs up on the web.

Other interesting menu items:

- Korean chive pancakes

- Thai chili egg salad with organic greens

- Ramen

- Imitation shark fin soup street vendor style 3.50

- Spaghetti with honey chicken or teriyaki pork

- Home made Stack Sesame Pasta

- Fresh Fruit Boba

- Fire-grilled sandwich on sweet batared bread, with dijon mustard, baby greens, roasted onion, roasted bell pepper, & choice of: Honey Chicken , Curry Beef Flank, Teriyaki Pork. Portabella Mushroom, Grilled Eggplant

- Double boiled almond and fungus and papaya sweet soup

- Double boiled lotus seeds and lily bulbs and sweet logan soup

- Mango sesame crepe wraps

- Jackfruit and pear salad

- Homemade Ice Cream

A few online menus

There are comments that service is slow ... it is a two-woman operation ... but it seems patience has its reward. It seems seating is limited, but parking in the area is easy.

So who has tried it?

Mango Medley

3911 Judah St ... 44th Ave & 45th Ave
San Francisco, CA 94122
(415) 681-3228

Don't know the hours, but supposedly open late.

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  1. The last time I was there the owners were busy cutting up and putting together new menus so there may be some changes since I've been. I'm actually quite surprised to see bastilla and other Moroccan dishes as they definitely didn't have these in the past. Alongside the menus there's a board with daily specials posted, ie. drink/entree/dessert combos, usually involving a pasta.

    The first time I visited, I realized the chef-owner looked familiar- turns out that she was a former stylist at a salon I used to frequent on Balboa Ave. The waitress once worked there as well.

    My absolute favorite dessert is the ginger milk, which is made with fresh ginger juice and hot milk that solidifies into a custard similar to tofu fah. I usually get my ginger milk fix at a place on Grant St. in Chinatown, but this place does it better.

    Mango shows up in quite a few items as well. Mango with black sticky rice was perfect. I also had a green salad with absolutely huge grilled prawns and more ripened mango. My friend always gets the entree of green spinach pasta, stir-fried eggplant, and a side of grilled chicken.

    I've also had the korean chive pancake and recall it being a bit oily, but decent. The malaysian style roti canai was also just okay. Possibly the frozen type that was reheated and fried.

    The service is definitely a bit slow since it's just one person cooking in the back, but since the atmosphere is nice and conducive for hanging out and relaxing, we didn't really mind. Desserts (other than ginger milk, which is a little harder to find), are similar to 100% Healthy Dessert, etc., but I've enjoyed all that I tried.