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May 4, 2007 06:23 PM

GREAT mexican, pizza, and thai near WeHo

Anyone know THE BEST of these in WeHo?

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    1. re: Burger Boy

      Ditto Vito's pizza.

      Hole in the wall Mexican, open 24-7 Los Tacos is pretty yummy, especially after a night of drinking :-)

      Natallie Thai is okay, but I'd go to Thai Town in Hollywood for more authentic Thai.

    2. For thai, you probably need to go to Thai Town in Hollywood.

      Mexican is also tough. I can't remember a decent Mexican place in the area when I lived nearby. I went down to Chulada Grill at San Vicente and Hauser, but that is probably too far for you. They may deliver to West Hollywood, though. They did to 3rd and La Cienega.

      1. Thanks all...looking forward to trying it all.