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May 4, 2007 06:09 PM

Irish Pub/Food

I travel to Boston frequently and am always blown away by how good the traditional Irish food is there, for obvious reasons. Is there any Irish Pub in Seattle or beyond that serves great Irish food (particularly Irish stew), not fried pub food and burgers?

And who pours the best Guinness?

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  1. Fado definitely has the freshest Guinness in town (and properly builds them.) Excellent breakfast as well. Never had a stew there, though - the rest of the menu is heavy on the fried food.

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      The first few times I went to Fado they had excellent food, we were blown away that it was a large chain and had interesting flavor combinations. Then it changed the menu up and everything we tried after that was absolutely terrible--I think they may have changed out all the recipes (to go cheaper maybe?) but it was all terrible food. They do still pour a terrific beer though, I will agree.

    2. Try Kell's ( in Post Alley - best I've found so far in Seattle.

      1. In Redmond there is the Celtic Bayou- in essence it is a Irish pub/Cajun Cafe- very obscure, but I have always had a wonderful taste experience. There is many Irish dishes- I recommend the bangers and mash- the chef imoprts the amazing sausage. The corned beef and hash I had on St. Patty's was the best I had ever tasted. It is located less then a block off 520 on lk. sammamish parkway- check it out!

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          I play Irish music in several area pubs so I've sampled the food at quite a few. The best quality is probably either at the Wilde Rover in Kirkland or Paddy Coyne's in the South Lake Union neighborhood. Both are newer upscale type pubs with extensive menus of Irish specialties.

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            The curry fries at the Wilde Rover are really great- a fun treat~ and the service is wonderful each time I go...

        2. There is also a Paddy Coyne's in Tacoma downtown. Their Guiness stew and Irish soda bread is a killer combo. They know how to draw a Guiness too. Their shepards pie is a meal by itself. On the not so Irish-y side of the menu, their burgers are super good and devoid of grease. I know you said no burgers, but this one is worth mentioning. A healthy patty on a ciabatta roll with all the fixin's like tillamook cheddar, bacon, and sauteed onions. It satifys my burger craving without feeling like a grease trap. Beware of the music, though. That irish folk music gets going so fast, and I swear it makes you drink faster!