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May 4, 2007 06:00 PM

Plain Frozen Yogurt

So where are you hounds getting your hands on plain fro yo? Berkeley has one great offering now. Michelle's, across from Yogurt Park on Durant, has the best I've tasted yet. Very "sour," with pretty good creamy texture. Any other ideas?
I'm not a Pinkberry fan...WAY too sweet. If I want yogurt, I want a tang, but I also want creaminess.

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  1. Milano's yogurt gelato is very good. Very nice combo with mango sorbetto.

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      Omigosh, this post is so spot-on since I've been on a yogurt craze this week.

      I had the plain fro yo (which they call "Mango Berry") at Michelle's the other day with my friend too, and it was pretty tangy and not too sweet. The store owner was kinda careful in giving us the "right" portions (which is understandable since this yogurt probably costs more), but he was so friendly and enthusiastic about this new addition to his store that he kept talking to us the whole time ... usually he's just pretty reserved and quiet. He even gave us some samples before we ordered. Topped with some mixed fruits, this was a colorful and tasty treat indeed. And for $2.95 for a small cup (5 oz.) with toppings, it was a pretty good deal. See the photo attached below.

      I used to go to Michelle's for their soft-serve frozen yogurts/ice creams (are the Wow Cow ones really low-calorie?), which I think are creamier and tastier than Yogurt Park's (and cheaper too), but now there's another good reason to go there! Heh heh. :P

      By the way, Yogurt Park has a new Natural flavor which is basically plain yogurt, but I found it a bit too sweet and artificial-tasting, and somewhat icy too. And as a side note, their new Green Tea flavor tastes kinda disgusting ... a bit grassy (in a "gross" way) and nothing like green tea. It actually reminded me of bubble gum.

      As for plain, non-frozen yogurt, my recent fave is Fage's Greek yogurt (2%) which I like to top with dried figs and honey. Both Gelato Milano and Gelataria Naia have yogurt-flavored gelati too. Milano's is creamier but slightly sweeter than Naia's, so I would recommend pairing it with something tangy like the lemon sorbetto.

      1. re: dreamsicle

        I totally agree with you. Yogurt Park's is too sweet. I don't think that Milano or Naia cut it either.
        Anyone else have a good place other than Michelle's.
        Btw...I was personally a bit annoyed with his stinginess...I mean weighing the yogurt. Please!

        1. re: dreamsicle

          Umm, how can something called Mango Berry be considered plain yogurt? To my mind, plain yogurt is just yogurt (cultured milk), with no added flavorings or sweeteners. I love it, so I'm anxious to know exactly what you're talking about.


          1. re: Euonymous

            Many of the yogurt flavored fro yos come from companies that have "berry" names...Pinkberry, Mangoberry, Iceberry...etc.

            1. re: Euonymous

              The name confused me at first too . . . I'm not sure but I think that the "mangoberry" refers to the toppings (mangoes, blckberries, strawberries, and kiwi) that he puts on the "plain" frozen yogurt.

              1. re: alyssay

                No. Again, "Mangoberry" is the company.

            2. re: dreamsicle

              I thought it was perverse to call plain "mangoberry" until I realized that Pinkberry's modeled after the Korean chain Red Mango.

          2. Sketch on 4th Street in Berkeley almost always has the Strauss organic yogurt flavor, which is delicious.

            1. Second the rec for Sketch's yogurt ice cream. Not too sweet, perfect amount of tang, excellent texture.

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              1. re: Morton the Mousse

                Me three on Sketch's yogurt ice cream, for the exact same reasons. It's always at least one half of any cup I walk away with.

                Come to think of it, in this warmer weather, it's been too long since I've been to Sketch ...

              2. Well, I know for a fact that the Plain yogurt the Michelle's uses is a stolen recipe from Yogurt Park's "Natural" flavor! So I don't know how anyone can say that one is better than the other. It sucks that Michelle's is more than likeley gonna go out of business because of all the new yogurt places going in around them offering the exact same thing only better!

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                1. re: kegkaptain

                  What new yogurt places are going in?

                  1. re: kegkaptain

                    Whether it's modeled on the YP one or not is irrelevant, as the products flavor is COMPLETELY different. Michelle's is way tangier and smoother.
                    Since they are so different, it is not surprising that people will have different opinions.

                  2. I thought Naia's plain yogurt gelato was pretty good. It had a strong "greek yogurt" taste. I paired it with their espresso for an unusual, but good combination.

                    Haven't tried Sketch's yet, and I refuse to go to Milano due to their horrible customer service.

                    Here is a good, but easy recipe for plain frozen yogurt. This allows you to adjust the sweetness and fat content to your own taste...


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                    1. re: chemchef

                      I had my most recent plain yogurt gelato from Naia at the student lounge on the Berkeley campus. I don't know if their batches are less fresh or whether they store their gelati at an inappropriate temperature, but there was a gummy bit in my gelato. Taste-wise though, it was still okay, only I'd wish there was more tang. I am still really eager to try Sketch's after reading all your rave reviews!