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May 4, 2007 05:57 PM

best restaurants in Philadelphia

will be visiting in June and have no idea where to eat. Where would you recomend?

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  1. Can you be a little more specific? Do you want top end? Do you want local panache and top quality? Do you want ethnic? Will you be in Center City (downtown)? Philly is a terrific restaurant town and your options are huge.

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      my husband and i enjoy food! We will be staying close to the Museum of Art. We will probably be able to do three lunches and three dinners. Local panache and top quality sounds good, also ethnic. Just not sure that is out there. Enjoy good italian, french.

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        Scroll down and you will see lots of recs and reviews. Our fav is Matyson.

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          For lunch I recommend Water Works, which is right next to the Art Museum.
          It is a bright and sunny atmosphere.
          But everyone wants to eat there, so make a reservation early if you intend to try it.

          Also, you might like to try Rae's which is also convenient to where you are staying.
          Very upscale and new so it is also a tough ticket. MAke sure to reserve in advance.

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            Agree with idia about Rae.It's a value for lunch. If you don't mind the cab ride, try Gayle (Daniel Stern's small place) in Queen's village for dinner. Same "deconstructionist" style as Rae, but very cozy. The veal stew is amazing--separate elements of the stew arranged on the plate, but unified by a marvelous sauce. Dessert at Gayle will include a "breakfast" option such as white chocolate french toast. Both restaurants' menus can be found on line at

      2. If you're feeling adventurous, try Horizon's. I've raved about this spot a ton on these boards (as have many others), though, so rather than risk the broken-record effect, I'll let you search the boards for more info if you're inclined.

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          For the best Italian, you may still be able to make a June reservation at Vetri. If not, I would recommend Osteria. Amada is my favorite restaurant in the city, serving spanish tapas - in old city ( a neighborhood you should definitely visit) servYou should also try a BYO, an important part of the philadelphia dining scene. I would recommend Melograno, Audrey Claire, Matyson, or Mercato. For ethnic food, Dmitri's has great Greek (and seafood) and Vietnam Cafe in chinatown has wonderful Vietnamese food. For lunch, I would recommend the winebar tria (around 16th and sansom), they have delicious salads, sandwhiches, and an extensive cheese selection.

        2. I would second the Waterworks, where I just went for the first time for my husband's birthday. Service was prompt, efficient and friendly. Unlike other trendier places in town, no one felt the need to explain my food to me. I had a grilled octopus appetizer, followed by a mushroom risotto, which was sublime but since the octopus was large, I could not finish all of my risotto, which I regretted. My husband enjoyed an open-faced ravioli that was a special, followed by a steak which was cooked rare as requested (often he finds he gets what he considers a medium). The atmosphere was very cheerful, lots of families celebrating special events on a Saturday night. We cannot wait to go back.