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May 4, 2007 05:48 PM

Eating at the Ashland Festival?

We are heading up for the Festival in Ashland in July. Any restaurant suggestions will be appreciated.

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  1. Baron, New Sammy's Cowboy Bistro, a few miles north of Ashland, is my fav but you need reservations far ahead (it's especially great if you don't have an evening play and can linger). Google it and you'll learn a lot about the place. I also love Morning Glory for breakfast. Be sure to search this board and you'll find a lot of past posts on Ashland!

    1. The best dining in Ashland is in Talent. In addition to New Sammy's, there's a Bunch of others: Inti,modern Mex, think inventive Tacos and and more- lamb in Chipolte Sauce, Crab Cakes,Nifty Soups, .... Bankoks Benny-home made Thai, Arbor House-elegant/exotic home cooking Tacos Michoacan in Tark's parking lot-the best truck in the Valley. The New Picasso's Pantry with sandwiches by the pound-fresh roasted turkey and pork loin.
      lots of places in Ashland:

      and Peerless'
      bar and menu are mucho fun.
      Regular menu is nice also
      Black Sheep for early or late:

      Las Morenas and Unica in Medford for taco stands.
      make those Cowboy reservations soon.
      If you're coming from the North don't miss these folks at 6th and M in GP_
      janer's right on Morning Glory.

      1. We were just in Ashland at the beginning of April and lucky enough to stay with friends, so we only did one nice dinner out, at Larks in the Ashland Springs Hotel We enjoyed our meal very much. Our friends had dined at Peerless the previous evening and felt that the quality of Larks was comparable, though Peerless is significantly more expensive.
        I'm a big proponent of Brothers' for breakfast/brunch (they serve breakfast all day) and it's right near the theatres. The Ashland locals we stayed with also love Morning Glory and the Breadboard.

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          I echo New Sammy's. Also, athough not in Ashland, try Gogi's in Jacksonville. I think it's the finest restaurant in Southern Oregon.

        2. I would recommend The Breadboard for a hearty breakfast, The Greenleaf Restaurant is a classic favorite for lunch, and I like Pilaf Restaurant for dinner, and The Black Sheep for a good beer. If you venture from Ashland, try a little place in Phoenix (between Talent and Medford), The First Street Cafe is a cute place I found recently that has fresh soups, salads, sandwiches and desserts that are made from organic and local produce when possible.

          1. New Sammy is one of the great restaurants of the world, in my book. This last week we had one dinner at Pasta Piatti: okay. Pizza taken out from there, ditto. A Ribeye at Amuse, quite nice (they have a good wine list, too). Some nice lamb chops from the first-course menu at Tabu.