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Wood Spoon (review+pics)

Last month, after hearing so many raves about Wood Spoon, the new Brazilian restaurant downtown, I finally got my chance to dine there.

Before I even get to the food, I really have to mention their unique signage. While the words "Wood Spoon" were discretely placed on the restaurant windows, the actual sign above the restaurant entrance was a painting of a wood spoon. Cute, huh?

Upon entering Wood Spoon, I really liked the space. While minimalistic, the plain walls were broken up by two colorful paintings. With the yellow seats, yellow flowers on the tables and sunflowers on the windows, it really felt bright and airy inside.

So let's talk about the food now. I started my meal with fresh limeade and it was indeed fresh. They had made a batch just before we all sat down to order. While my personal preference would have liked the limeade to be a little more tart, it was still a very refreshing drink.

I started my meal sharing two different appetizers. We had the Pastel Portuguese and the Coxhina. The Pastel Portuguese was basically a deep-fried "dumpling" that was stuffed with shrimp cooked in coconut sauce and cilantro and came with a very addicting mayonnaise. What I liked about the Pastel Portuguese is that even though it was deep-fried, it had a lightness and delicateness to it that was surprising. The bread crumbs were quite fine and you could tell that they didn't overcoat the dumpling to death.

The shrimp had a nice texture and the e sweetness of the shrimp and coconut sauce went well with the "greener" bite of the cilantro.

I think the tear-drop shaped Coxhina used the same batter ingredients as the Pastel Portuguese and the chicken filling inside the Coxhina was great. The shredded chicken filling was moist, tender and delicious with or without the mayonaisse. I actually added a little bit of this Brazilian chili pepper sauce to the chicken and loved the kick it gave me to my tastebuds.

For my main entree, I opted for the Brazilian Chicken Pot Pie. My, oh my, that was the best chicken pot pie I've ever had. When the dish first arrived, I couldn't believe how big it was. I ended up taking half of it home. Other than the size catching my attention, I also thought it just looked gorgeous. The outside of the pie was golden brown and it had a great wooden spoon accent on the top of the pie.

The pie crust was also amazingly flaky and the filling which was made up of chicken with hearts of palm, potato, olives and roasted corn was absolutely delicious. I really liked the addition of the olives. It added just the right amount of saltiness without being overpowering. I also liked how the corn added a nice juicy pop in your mouth when eaten with the other ingredients. Overall, that pie was stellar and a must try.

Wanting to try the Pork Burger and the yam fries, I actually split an order with someone else in the group, not realizing how big the chicken pot pie was going to be. But the Pork Burger was also pretty big, even just the half. I took a couple of bites just to taste and took the rest home with the other half of my chicken pot pie.

Even with just those couple of bites, I can see why it's such a popular dish at Wood Spoon. It was moist and had lots of flavor. Just looking at the burger cut in half, you can definitely see the variety of spices they put into the meat. I also loved the roasted cabbage and onions that surrounded the burger. The roasted onions added a nice little sweetness due to its caramelization.

By the time the meal was over, I was pretty full, but I did get to try a Bricadeiro, which the waiter referred to as a Brazilian chocolate truffle. I think of everything that I tried that afternoon, this Brazilian chocolate truffle didn't do much for me. It had a chewy, taffy texture to it that wasn't to my taste.

As the meal was winding down, the owner, Nathalia, did come over to say "Hello" to the group was really nice of her and to see how everything went and how we liked the food. I'd have to say that she pretty much got raves from us as well.

Wood Spoon is definitely a welcome addition to the restaurant scene. The service was great, the wait staff was really friendly and the food was awesome. I really enjoyed my dining experience there and encourage you all to give it a try. You won't regret it.

To see pics, go to:

Wood Spoon
107 W 9th St
Los Angeles, CA 90015
(213) 629-1765


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  1. Nice review. I'll give this place a try.

    1. Great review.

      I really like this place and has become part of the regular lunch time rotation. That pork burger is like crack cocaine for me ...

      One thing that I don't like about the pot pie is that it is TOO BIG -- throws off the crust to filling ratio for me ... but then I quibble ...

      1. Did you notice Feijoada on the menu?

        I miss it!

        1. The pictures put me over the top. I'm totally there for lunch on Friday! Pork burger and pot pie here is come.

          1. Try the mango OJ next time...WOW.
            nice piece here

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            1. re: afs


              Plan to visit. Price range?


              1. re: Gwen In LA

                Check out the photoset link I included. It has pictures of the menu, including the prices.

                1. re: Gwen In LA

                  under $11.00 for most of the menu

              2. I read that they have something called the "Saturday Night Social" where you are treated to a family style dinner. Has anyone heard of this or been to it?

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                1. re: Claus1100xx

                  On the day I was there for lunch, the owner mentioned doing a family-style Paella night that same night, so that may be true about this "Saturday Night Social" you mentioned above.

                  1. re: Claus1100xx

                    It's true. You have to reserve in advance. Each Saturday has a different theme - last Saturday was tapas, and a couple weeks ago was paella. Nathalia explained that it's the only way she can get away with having wine (because it's a private party)! SO & I have been wanting to go, but we haven't made it there yet.

                    1. re: aching

                      This could be a fun trip for some CHOWers to get together in person. I live about one block from there. Sounds like a fun event.

                      1. re: aching

                        Does Wood Spoon still have the Saturday Night Social?

                          1. re: ipsedixit

                            ok so i tried this out and it was realll good. i had the Lamb and it was perfect. the portions kind of small so i orderd a extra skewer of lamb. the side were excellent. beans perfect, plantains perfect , but im not a fan of grenns so i could not tell u. I had an awsome gingel ale drink. it was from Brazil and it was good.

                            Food: 4.2
                            Price: 4.2
                            Overall: 4.2

                            I would def eat it again.... yummy!!!!!!!!!!

                    2. Thinking about checking out Wood Spoon over the weekend with some friends who are vegetarians. Are there offerings there for our meatless buddies?

                      Anyone found a website for Wood Spoon?


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                      1. re: scurvy

                        Haven't been in a while, but the menu does not offer much in the way of vegetarian main courses. Of course, one could make a pretty good meal out of the salads and sides, incl. the yam fries (very, very good), plantains and the black beans w/rice.

                      2. Abby, thanks so much for the comprehensive review. I have friend who lives at the Bartlett (7th and Spring) who mentioned it a few days ago. I will definitely make the trip. Always looking for more places in the Fashion District area.

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                        1. re: NickSantangelo

                          Glad to help out. :) Hopefully, you'll enjoy the food there as much as I did.