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best bloody?

It's bloody mary season!
I'm new to boston and looking for the best...I'd appreciate any ideas.

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  1. Some Bloodies I like: Tremont 647, East Coast Grill, Blue Room (lots of shared DNA among those places, including pretty good cocktails in general, but Bloodies in particular). ECG does a Bloody Mary bar on its weekend brunch, meaning you get to spice it up to your preference. Other good ones I can recall: Doyle's, Union Bar & Grill, B-Side Lounge.

    Most of the luxury hotels do good ones: Oak Bar, Bar at the Taj, Bristol, Rowes Wharf Bar.

    1. The Plough used to make my very very favorite bloody mary. just the right amount of heat... and served in pint glasses. But I haven't been to brunch there since they reopened - I think i'm almost scared to go - that it won't be the same....

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        Go! It really hasn't changed - just cleaned up for the 21st century. The new owners are a nice couple from Brookline Village and they haven't made changes- just improvements. Can't vouch for the bloodies but the Guiness is good as ever and the former owners are still sitting in the window, enjoying a pint. Be prepared for a bar full of older music fans - the band starts at 4pm!

      2. i really loved the bloody mary at eastern standard in kenmore square...so much that my father and i both ordered two! :)

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          For me, East Coast Grill's bloody mary is king.

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            B Side Lounge in Cambridge makes a good one.

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              I had an interesting and very flavorful drink last night at Great Bay in Kenmore Square. It was called a spicy tomato ice. It was served in a martini glass ice cold. It was a very clarified tomato and salt combination with a citrus and black pepper vodka ( I think). It was served with a toothpick full of tomolives. It was really interesting and full of very pure and delicious flavors. Their drink menu is very edgy and sophisticated. There is no sex on the beach at this restaurant and I like it.

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                I love the B side's bloody and believe it or not Goody Glovers serves up a mean Bloody with vegetable infused vodka.

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                  are you sure it wasn't called the ghost of mary? house-made bloody mary mix strained (like tomato water) with ketel citron vodka? if not they changed the name.

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                    I think you are asking me and I think it was called spicy tomato water but I am not sure. It was such a great and well made drink. I had never eaten there before and I was blown away by the quality and presentation of everything served. It was not very busy and it should be because it's a very very nice restaurant.

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                      it is 'the ghost of mary' had it, loved it. it was mentioned in either Stuff@Night or The Improper Bostonian a couple of weeks back.

          2. i know legal's isn't loved here but their bloody mary is quite good. lots of horseradish which makes it great.

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              aquitaine, because they come with a "tomolive", a cross between an olive and a tomato that tastes like a pickle but looks like a grape.

            2. I can't drink them anymore, but when I used to be able to, I liked the ones the Parish Cafe made as well as the ones at the Bristol Lounge.

              1. Exchange St. Bistro in Malden has an AMAZING Shrimpy Mary.....very fresh bloody mary with a nice horseradish kick, black pepper rim, classic celery stick and lemon wedge, and a HUGE cocktail shrimp hanging on the rim of the glass. I am not sure if it is available all the time or only at brunch

                1. I likey Aquitaine's Bloody Mary (on Tremont in the South End). Some would argue they Tremont 647's is better, and I don't deny its deliciousness, but I am stuck on Aquitaine. De-lish.

                  1. There is nothing as good as East Coast Grill's make-it-yourself Bloody Mary bar. Nothing.

                    1. Devlin's in Brighton. Three words: black. pepper. rim. It's become a weekly event for me. Which is maybe more than I should say about my drinking habits in a public forum.

                      1. I second Plough & Stars (even still), B Side and Doyle's.

                        A dark horse for the race: the Rosebud Diner. Clamato and lots of horseradish. Good stuff, and crucial to mask the food's (lack of) flavor.

                        1. That would be the one that I make. However, Hampshire House used to make good ones as does the chain of restaurants including Hardcover, Beverly Depot and Dandelion Green.

                          1. I'm a new Bloody Mary drinker if you can believe it! I had my first on Marathon Monday at Dillon's. Granted, I have nothing to compare it to, but I thought it was fantastic. Any new ones to add to this thread?

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                                i second deep ellum's.. they put spicy pickled green beans in theirs... and will give you extras to nibble on! their bloody's have just the right amount of heat and the texture is perfect-- not too watery, not too tomato-y

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                                Miracle of Science in Central Square = hands down winner. Rich, spicy, and complex. And not for nothing, served in a pint glass.

                              3. I had an excellent spicy bloody mary at Scampo in the Liberty Hotel a few weeks ago.

                                215 Charles Street, Boston, MA 02114

                                1. Has anyone had Bloody Marys/brunch at POPS?

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                                    Oh yes. The Bloodies from Pops come in those huge red wine glasses and pack a serious punch. They're solid, although they don't necessarily do enough accoutrements for my tastes (i like the lime, and the olives, celery, and salt and peppered rim, etc) but I had one last week, and it kept me slightly hazy for a good three hours after...

                                    And Mangorita, I had a spicy bm outside at scampo's (windy) new brunch last weekend, and I liked it, although i thought it was a touch over done with horseradish rather than pepper spice...

                                  2. I am a picky bloody mary drinker and I must say, I was impressed by the bloody mary that I had at Beehive yesterday for brunch. The rim of the glass was rimmed with what I believe was Old Bay seasoning, or something similarly spicy. The drink was the perfect blend of vodka and bloody mary mix. The garnish was a delicious olive and a juicy peperoncini. It was delicious!