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May 4, 2007 04:11 PM

Genghis Cohen - what to order?

Going to Genghis Cohen to see a friend play, I've never been there, any suggestions what to order? I'm not that picky but thought someone here might have a favorite dish or suggest what not to order. Thanks.

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  1. Last time we were there the spicy garlic lamb was good as were the fresh scallops in a spicy hunan sauce and if you like NY style egg rolls they have them (the fatter type with pork and shredded cabbage with the blistered wrappers and duck sauce was served).

    1. I always get the hot and sour soup and the pork dumplings. The dumplings are deliscious! I often get the Queens Chicken...but have also had their combination mu shu, kung pao chicken, seafood quartet and a few other items. I have never been disappointed. They also make a really good bloody mary.

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        Thank you for the suggestions, I may have to order each and share around the table. Question though, we like our foods spicy, would it be out of line if we ask them to step it up a notch or two?

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          I have never asked for them to make my food more spicey but I don't see why it would be a problem.

      2. Just to be clear, the music section of the place is separate from the restaurant. You can order food in the music area, but you are sitting in what are basically church pews. There is a small shelf for a drink, but it's not the most comfortable eating, especially if you are trying to share with a group. Also, I'm not entirely sure they offer the full menu in the music area. So, go early, eat in the restaurant area, then cross over to the music area.

        One more thing, the last time I was there, they were "out" of dumplings. Bummer!

        1. Shanghai Chicken and the Cold Garlic Shredded Chicken; Kung Pao Scallops, Eggrolls, and Szechuan green beans

          1. Everyone here has made pretty good suggestions. Make sure you get there early because eating in the show room is very uncomfortable as others have mentioned. One thing we really like is their honey walnut shrimp. Not something I'd order anywhere, but theirs is pretty good.

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              Thank you everyone for your suggestions and advice on getting there early - made it and we ordered Kung Pao Scallops, Shanghai Chicken, Szechuan Green Beans and Buddha's Veggie Delight and of course the dumplings, we were quite satisfied... knew I can count on Chowhoundies for excelent recommendations!