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May 4, 2007 03:58 PM

Miss Saigon Cafe (DFW) - Review

Miss Saigon Cafe is located in a large strip mall close to the NorthEast Mall in Hurst. It's a small place, but decorated nicely. Service is friendly and quick.

I ordered the grilled pork with noodles. It came in a huge bowl. There were shredded veggies at the bottom of the bowl (cabbage for sure, not sure what else), topped with thin rice noodles and thinly pounded pork. Along side came a sweet, vinegary sauce. This meal was quite good, full of flavor. The pork was tender with some crispy bits. Noodles were fresh, as were the veggies that went along with it. I admit to never having had this dish before, so I have nothing to compare it to, but I'd definitely get it again.

My dining companion ordered the same, except with chicken. He also enjoyed his meal. We split an order of spring rolls, which were pretty standard.

I've heard rumors that the pho here is sub-standard, so I didn't order it.

I'm definitely going back, as I'm finding myself having a craving for these noodles again.

932 Melbourne Rd
Hurst, TX
(817) 595-0137

PS - I know there is a large Vietnamese population in Haltom City and Arlington. If anyone knows of any good restaurants in either of these places, let me know.

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  1. Pho bella. I don't know where you're coming from exactly, but most likely the best way to get there is to go South (or is it west?) on 121 towards Ft. Worth and exit belknap then go north. It's on the right about a half mile up the road next to a thai restaurant and a few other vietnamese restaurants. I haven't tried their pho yet, but I've really enjoyed the other stuff I had. They make a great vietnamese pancake, which is a very eggy crepe filled with veggies. Try the 10 taste platter to get a good mix of different vietnamese meats. They're not all stellar, but most were very good. From 121/Belknap to Haltom Road/Belknap there must be 20 vietnamese restaurants, so you should be able to find something good.

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      woops, I meant to say exit beach, but the mass of vietnamese places are along belknap.

    2. When I worked near Fort Worth a few years ago, our favorite Vietnamese was My Lan in Haltom City. The menu goes on for days....

      I think I remember that they are closed on Mondays. My favorite dish was a "roll your own spring roll" type platter with lots of variety.

      1. First of all, that was not cabbage in the bowl it was lettuce. Second, their pho is phenomenal. Whoever said it wasn't is seriously soup deprived. Third, all of their dishes are excellent. Try the sandwiches and the grilled pork rolls are divine. Too bad you are not Vietnamese food proficient, or you would know how good their food is. A friend of mine drives from Dallas just for the grilled pork rolls. Whenever I bring lunch to my best friend's home she always requests Miss Saigon dishes. This restaurant is the best short menued Vietnamese restaurant around. And no one else makes grilled pork rolls. At least no restaurant that I have been able to find.

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        1. re: kabana

          I said that I thought what I had was good. I'm not sure what made you think otherwise.

        2. I work a few blocks from this place and eat there at least once a week. While the menu is short, everything on it is good. The grilled pork rolls are a must and their pho is very good (I would say short of great).

          We have several Vietnamese folks in my office and once a month they will call ahead and order off menu items for a large group of us. I don't know the names, but every time I've gone with the group it has been great.

          The service is really good. Nice folks.

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